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Travel-Expense Reimbursement Form | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Nevada

Travel-Expense Reimbursement Form

This is a Nevada form that can be used for State Bar within Statewide.

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STATE BAR OF NEVADA Travel/Expense Reimbursement Form Date Submitted:_________________________________________________________________________ Name:_________________________________________________________________________________ Make Check Payable To: _________________________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip:__________________________________________________________________________ Date(s) of Travel:________________________________________________________________________ Purpose of Travel:_______________________________________________________________________ Please read the back of this document for receipt requirements and other informationOnly State Bar employees or section treasurers Receipt need to fill out this column Date Description (airfare, taxi, food etc) Amount Attached? (y/n) Accounting code Mileage @ 37.5 cents per mile No Total For Reimbursement Requested $__________ Approved By I incurred the expenses shown above for the purpose stated. I certify that this request is correct to the bestof my knowledge ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Person Requesting Reimbursement Section Members Only: <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Signature of Section Treasurer or ChairpersonThank you for traveling on the behalf of the State Bar of Nevada. The State Bar of Nevada is NOT a taxable entity. Youdo not need to separately total meals, miles, lodging etc. Just put down the date, what the expense was for, how much, and if attached a receipt. If your travel was on behalf of a Section, please make sure your Section treasurer or Chairperson signs thiThe State Bar of Nevada carefully budgets travel to cover the out-of-pocket expenses you might incur that are necessaryfor your presence at a meeting or seminar. We have established guidelines for travel and we ask that you keep your travelexpenses reasonable. WHAT IS CONSIDERED REASONABLE? We apply a "reasonableness" standard, taking into account location and other circumstances. If you anticipate a largeor unusual expense, please call us before incurring it. Perhaps well know of a less expensive way to meet the need. RECEIPTS ARE NECESSAR YYou do not need a receipt for expenses under $25.00, however, we want you to provide as many receipts as possible. We are not allowed to reimburse you for expenses over $25.00 without a receipt. AIRFARE We will try to book your flights. If we cannot, you will be reimbursed based on lowest available coach or economy fares. LODGING We will try to book your lodging. If we cannot, please get approval from State Bar staff as the bar has several plans availablethat can save on the cost. TRANSPORTATION If you use your personal car, we will reimburse you at the rate of 36 cents per mile. Please help us by not renting a car unlessabsolutely necessary. Taxis and airport buses are usually cheaper plus you dont have to worry about finding your destination.If you must rent a car, please get approval from State Bar staff as the bar has several plans that can save on the cost. DISCRETIONARY EXPENSES We are NOT allowed to reimburse for discretionary expenses, such as: entertainment, laundry service, copying services, persolong distance calls, purchases at gift shops, child care services, beauty shop or barber services, exercise or health club usagesports events, tours, or in-room movies. DEADLINE FOR REIMBURSEMENT REQUESTSAlways submit your reimbursement request within 45 days of the event for which the expenses were incurredor by the end ofthe calender year, whichever occurs first. Send your request with receipts to: State Bar of Nevada -- Reimbursements 600 E. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104 NEED ASSISTANCE? Call us in Las Vegas at (702) 382-2200 or (800) 254-2797

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