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Modification Petition For Support {CS-10} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Alabama

Modification Petition For Support {CS-10}

This is a Alabama form that can be used for Child Support within Statewide.

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State of Alabama Unified Judicial System Form CS-10 Rev.MODIFICATION PETITION FOR SUPPORT Court Case Number IN THE COURT OF ALABAMA v. PlaintiffDefendant Comes now the Plaintiff Defendant and shows unto the Court as follows: 1. On, the Court of County ordered the Plaintiff OR Defendant to pay the sum of $ per for the support and maintenance of the child(ren) named as follows: . 2.Since the date of the above Order, the needs of the child(ren) have increased and/or there has been a materialchange in circumstances in that. WHEREFORE, the premises considered, the Plaintiff OR Defendant moves this Court as follows: 1.To enter an order setting a hearing on the Plaintiff222s OR Defendant222s petition for modification. 2.To enter an order modifying the previous order of child support rendered on , and enterajudgment for any and all arrearages and interest accrued as provided in Section 8-8-10 3.To enter the appropriate income withholding order. 4.To require the child support payments to be made payable to Alabama Child Support Payment Center at P.O. Box 244015 Montgomery, AL 36124-4015. 5. To require the Plaintiff or Defendant, wherever employed, to include the child(ren) onany healthpolicy at his or her place of employment or include thechild(ren) aboveon any health which he or shemay purchase, if the health coverage is accessible tothe child(ren) and is available at areasonable cost, and to provideevidence of such coverage to the other party in non-Title IV-D casesOR to the County Department of Human Resources in Title IV-D cases; OR To require the to pay a sum for the medical support of the child(ren),if health is not accessible, not available, or is not available at a reasonable cost. 6.Other: . Date Plaintiff/ Name and Address of Attorney: Telephone No.: Original: COURT RECORD Copy: ATTORNEY Copy: DEFENDANT American LegalNet, Inc.

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