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Judgment And Order For Possession {JDF 118} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Colorado

Judgment And Order For Possession {JDF 118}

This is a Colorado form that can be used for Replevin within Statewide.

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District Court County Court ___________________________County, Colorado Court Address: Plaintiff(s)/Petitioner(s): v. COURT USE ONLY Defendant(s)/Respondent(s): Case Number: Division: Courtroom: JUDGMENT AND ORDER FOR POSSESSION The Court, having heard the testimony of the parties and being otherwise fully advised, hereby FINDS: That the Plaintiff(s) is/are entitled to judgment for possession of the described personal property as listed in Exhibit A. Any additional property is listed as follows: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ That there is reasonable and probable cause to believe that the property is located at the following address: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ That the Plaintiff(s) is entitled to recover the value of such property, if the property is not delivered, plus court costs and additional relief as is indicated below: IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED: That judgment be entered in favor of the Plaintiff(s) for the Possession of the property listed in Exhibit A. That the Plaintiff(s) be awarded court costs in this matter. That the Plaintiff(s) further be awarded additional relief as follows: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ___ _____________________________________________________________________________IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defendant(s) shall deliver all of the above listed property to Plaintiff(s) By _____________________________ (date). Within __________ day(s) of service of this order upon Defendant(s). That in the event that the Defendant(s) fails to timely deliver said property, the Sheriff of ________________________ County shall take from t he Defendant(s) or their agent all of the property described above and immediately deliver said property to the Plaintiff(s). A certified copy of this order shall constitute authority to the Sheriff to proceed as directed herein. That if delivery of the property by Defendant(s) or the Sheriff cannot be made, or if any of the property is missing or returned in damaged condition, the Plaintiff(s) may make supplemental application to the Court for an award of such damages as may be appropriate. BY THE COURT: Dated: ___________________________ ________________________________ Judge Magistrate JDF 118 1/03 Judgment and Order for Possession

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