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Appearance Affidavit Of Counsel | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Georgia

Appearance Affidavit Of Counsel

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Southern District within Federal, District Court.

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Pursuant to Local R ules 4 and 6 (see back of form for pertinent portions of same) you m ust com plete and return thisform im mediately if you represent a defendant in this district. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA APPEARANCE AFFIDAVIT OF COUNSEL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ) ) vs ) CRIMINAL : ) ) Enter my appearance as : ( ) Counsel for Defendant ___________________________________ Name of Defendant ( ) Co-counsel for Defendant ( ) Local Counsel for Defendant ( ) I am a member of the Bar in the ______________________________ _________ ( ) Enclosed is a certificate of good standing since I am not a me mber of the Bar of the Southern District of Georgia ( ) I hereby acknowledge receipt of the Local Rules for this U. S. District Court and do further acknowledge the fact that I am familiar with said rules and that my cond uct during the course of this case shall be in accordance with said rules, in default of which I may be held on contempt. ( ) Other ________________________________________________________ ____ ___________________________ L / S Dated at ___________________________ Name _____________________________ City / State (Please Print) on _________ day of ___________ , 2002 Address ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ Phone ___________________________ American LegalNet, Inc.<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2Rule 4 - Permission to Practice in a Particular Case. (a) Georgia bar members who reside in this district or maintain their principal place of business in this district shall not appear before this Court via pro hac vice admission, but instead must join this Courts bar, even to represent someone in one (or an occasional) case. (b) Any attorney not subject to LR 83.4(a), but who is in good standing with the bar of another federal district court, may be permitted to appear and participate in a particular case before this Court, whether civil or criminal, with the prior approval of this Court, subject to the following conditions: (1) pro hac vice counsel must designate, by a writing filed in the case in which appearance is sought, some willing member of this Courts bar upon whom motions and papers may be served. For that designation to be effective, such local counsel must enter a written appearance in the case. (2) pro hac vice counsel also must: (i) certify, in a writing filed with this Court, membership in good standing of a federal district court; and (ii) file with the Clerk of this Court a certificate of good standing from that court. (c) Any attorneys representing the United States Government, or any agency thereof, may appear and participate in particular actions or proceedings in an official capacity without a petition for admission, provided the attorney is a member of a federal district courts bar. Any such attorney so appearing shall certify to the Court in writing that he or she has read and is familiar with the local rules. Further, unless excused from doing so by the presiding judge, any such attorney shall be accompanied at hearings and trials by an Assistant United States Attorney of this district who shall also review and sign pleadings. Rule 6 - Appearance by an Attorney. 1. (a) The filing of any pleadings shall, unless otherwise specified, constitute an appearance by the person who signs such pleading. (b) An attorney representing a witness in any civil action or criminal proceeding, including a grand jury proceeding, or representing a defendant or prospective defendant in a grand jury proceeding, shall file a notice of appearance with the consent of the client endorsed thereon, with the Clerk on a for m to be prescribed and furnished by the Court, except that the notice need not be filed when such appearance has previously been evidenced by the filing of pleadings in the action or proceeding. The notice shall be filed by the attorney promptly upon undertaking the representation and prior to the attorneys appearance on behalf of his client at any hearing or grand jury proceedings. When the appearance is in connection with a grand jury session, the notice of appearance shall be filed with the Clerk in such a manner as to maintain the secrecy requirements of grand jury proceedings. For the purpose of this rule, an attorney shall be deemed to be appearing for and representing a witness or party if he is present within the courthouse and advising such witness prior to entering the chambers of the grand jury or is interviewing witnesses of the grand jury before or after their appearance. (c) Each attorney retained by defendants in criminal cases shall, within three (3) days after being retained, notify the Clerk in writing of his appearance as attorney of record and shall furnish a copy of said notice to the United States Attorney. Counsel becoming associated with counsel already of record in a criminal case or being substituted for counsel then of record in the case, upon being associated with or replacing counsel or upon being retained by a party or parties to the case, shall notify the Clerk in writing of his appearance in the case. Counsel so registered as counsel of record will not be relieved of such responsibility except upon order of the Court as hereinafter prescribed. (d) Whenever a party has appeared by attorney, he may not thereafter appear or act in his own behalf in the action or proceeding, or take any step therein, unless an order of substitution shall first have been mad e by the Court, after notice to the attorney by such party and to the opposite party, provided, that the Court may hear a party in open court, notwithstanding the fact that he has appeared or is represented by an attorney. (e) No attorney shall withdraw his appearance in any action or proceeding, either civil or criminal, except by leave of the Court as hereinafter prescribed. American LegalNet, Inc.<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3(f) When an attorney dies, or is removed or suspended or ceases to act as such as hereinafter prescribed, a party to an action or proceeding for whom he was acting as attorney must, before any further proceedings are had in the action on his behalf, appoint another attorney or appear in person, unless such party is already represented by another attorney. Failure to so act or to so appear in person and to furnish his address to the Clerk shall constitute a default on his part. (g) If an attorney for any party is examined as a witness

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