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Answer Of Garnishment | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Georgia

Answer Of Garnishment

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Civil within Local County, DeKalb, State Court.

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STATE COURT OF DEKALB COUNTY GEORGIA, DEKALB COUNTY Check this box if this is a garnishment for child support or alimony. If this is intended to be a continuing garnishment for support, the form set forth in O.C.G.A. § 18-4-80. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Case Number ______________________________ Plaintiff (Name & Address) VS __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Plaintiff's Attorney (Name, Address, Phone & Email) _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Defendant (Name & Address) __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Bar Number _________________________________ SEE PAGE 2 FOR IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Garnishee (Name & Address) ANSWER OF GARNISHMENT 1. At the time of service or from the time of service to the time of this answer, garnishee has in his possession the following described property of defendant: 2. At the time of service or from the time of service to the time of this answer, all debt accruing from garnishee to defendant is in the amount of $ 3. $ of the amount named in paragraph 2, was wages earned at the rate of $ , through the time of per for the period beginning , 20 making this answer. The amount of wages which is subject to the garnishment is computed as follows: $ $ $ $ $ Gross Earnings Total Social Security and withholding tax Total Disposable Earnings Amount of Wages subject to garnishment Amount herewith paid into court Mail completed form to: DeKalb State Court 556 North McDonough St Decatur, GA 30030 Tel: 404-371-2261 4. Garnishee further states: ______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ By: ______________________________________________ Garnishee CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE This is to certify that I have this day served plaintiff or his attorney in the foregoing matter with a copy of this pleading by depositing in the United States Mail a copy of same in a properly addressed envelope with adequate postage thereon. This day of , 20 Signed: __________________________________ Garnishee American LegalNet, Inc. G:/Answer of Regular Garnishment IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS 1. Answer cannot be filed sooner than Thirty (30) days after service of Summons of Garnishment on the Garnishee and no later than Forty-Five (45) days after the date of service of Summons of Garnishment on the Garnishee. 2. File your Answer with the State Court Clerk's Office, 556 North McDonough Street, Decatur, GA 30030 GARNISHEE DEFENDANT 3. If you are not familiar with Georgia Law regarding garnishment proceedings, consult your attorney before paying Defendant any sum after you have been served with this Summons of Garnishment. 4. A letter is insufficient, even though the Defendant is not employed by you. 5. Only the plaintiff, their counsel or order of the court can authorize the issuance of a release to relieve you of filing Answer(s) to the Summons. 6. Failure of Garnishee to answer may result in judgment against the Garnishee. 1. Defendant has Ten (10) days from the date of service in which to file a petition or request for a hearing to dissolve the garnishment. 2. If you are unfamiliar with Georgia Laws regarding this garnishment consult an attorney before proceeding in the matter. 3. File your petition with the State Court Clerk's Office, 556 North McDonough St, Decatur, GA 30030. 4. Failure to file a petition within Ten (10) days after service of Summons will result in a conclusive presumption that the garnishment was properly issued. 5. A garnishment against the property and credits of the Defendant has been or will be served on the Garnishee. G:/Answer of Regular Garnishment American LegalNet, Inc.

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