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Application For Criminal Arrest Warrant | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Georgia

Application For Criminal Arrest Warrant

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Magistrate Court within Local County, Clayton.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ARREST WARRANT APPLICANTS The applicant MUST present their valid picture I.D. when turning in this paperwork. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Ge org ia State Law (O.C.G.A. §17-4-40) sets forth the procedure for the court to follow when someone who is not a police officer applies for the arrest of ano ther perso n. Tha t law req uires the co urt to sch edule the application for a hearing and notify the person whose arrest is sought about the hearing. A copy of your app licatio n w ill be p rov ided to th e ac cused . Th e jud ge will decide whether or not to issue an arrest warrant after the hearing. G Com pleted arrest w arrant app lications m ay be filed in the M agistra te Co urt C lerk's office between 8:00 a.m . -10:4 5 a.m . and 1:00 p.m . - 2:45 p.m. w eekda ys (exclud ing cou ntyrecog nized h olidays). State Law (O.C.G.A. §15-10-82 as amended by HB 1055) sets a filing fee of $20.00 for each arrest warrant application you file except in cases of do mestic violenc e, sta lking , and certa in sex crimes. The fee is NON-REFUND ABLE. The fee to recall a warrant is $100.00. The applicant must provide the full name, complete current address, complete date of birth, and a physical description of the person whose arrest is sought. If you file an application without this information, the Judge will deny your application. If you are missing any of this information, you need law enforcement assistance. Th e app licant mu st fill out a se parate ap plication for eac h perso n w hose arrest is soug ht. The alleged crime must have occurred in Clayton County, Georgia. G G G G G G G If you have been charged with a crime, you cannot apply to arrest the victim of the crime. If the person has already been criminally charged or a previous warrant application has been denied or dismissed, you may not file a warrant application on that same set of facts. The applicant does not have the right to see a Magistrate Judge. Th is application can only result in the arrest and detention of another person. It will not cause property or children to be returned to you and you will not receive mon ey damages. Employees in the Clerk's o ffice, em plo yees in the Judge's office, and the Magistrate judges themselves are prohibited by state laws and regulation s from pro vid ing lega l adv ice. If you have questions about your legal rights, legal remedies available to you, or what legal docu me nts to file and w here to file them , you m ust con tact an attorn ey. G G G I have read and understand the above information regarding arrest warrant applications. Signature of Applicant C:\Users\diane.christian\Documents\Magistrate Court\Arrest Package.Criminal.wpd Date American LegalNet, Inc. MAGISTRATE COURT OF CLAYTON COUNTY APPLICATION FOR CRIMINAL ARREST WARRANT FEE FOR HEARING APPLICATION: $20.00 FEE TO RECALL WARRANT: $100.00 NOTE: PRINT ALL REQUESTED INFORMATION TODAY'S DATE: APPLICANT'S NAME: ADDRESS: EMPLOYER: CITY: PHONE(HOME): DOB: STATE: GA ZIP: (WORK): I certify that: I have applied to no other judge for a warrant on this matter; I am not under the influence of any intoxicants; and, I understand I do not have a right to have this warrant dismissed, and may be required to pay all costs of these proceedings upon requesting charges be dismissed. SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT NAME OF PERSON TO BE ARRESTED: ALSO KNOWN AS (ALIAS): ADDRESS: DATE OF BIRTH: HEIGHT WEIGHT CITY: PHONE(HOME): SOCIAL SEC. # SEX STATE: GA ZIP: (WORK): RACE HAIR RELATIVES (and ADDRESSES) EMPLOYER: VEHICLE: STATE COMPLAINT & INCIDENT LOCATION: IDENTIFYING MARKS: TAG #: DRIVER'S LIC#: DATE INCIDENT OCCURRED: POLICE REPORT#: WITNESSES: NAME: STREET: CITY: PHONE(S): OFFICER: NAME: STREET: CITY: PHONE(S): AGENCY: STATE: ZIP: STATE: ZIP: After holding a hearing, and after considering this application and other oral testimony, I certify that probable cause exists for the issuance of an arrest warrant in this matter. Affiant has been advised of Preliminary Hearing date by issuing Magistrate: Yes or No JUDGE, MAGISTRATE COURT CLAYTON COUNTY, GEORGIA American LegalNet, Inc.

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