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Personal Property Foreclosure Summons | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Georgia

Personal Property Foreclosure Summons

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Magistrate Court within Local County, Cobb.

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MAGISTRATE COURT OF COBB COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA Civil Action No. ______________________ Attorney or Plaintiffs Name and Address: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________ Plaintiff Name and Address of Party to be Served: v. ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________ D efendant PERSONAL PROPERTY FORECLOSURE SUMMONS The Defendant ________________________________________ hereinis/ar e hereby commanded and required personally or by attorney to file with the Clerk of the Magistrate Court of Cobb County, Sheila H. Walker, Public Safety Bldg., 32 Waddell Stret,e Marietta, GA 30090-9656, within seven days from the date of service ofwithin Affid the avit an summons (or on the first business dayreafter if thethe seventh day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holidayen and ) ththere to answer said affidavit in writing or orally If the def. endant fails to answer on or before the seventhday from the date of service, the defendanmayt reopen the default as a matter of right by making an answer within seven days after the date of the default notwithstanding the provision of Cod Sectione 9-11-55 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated. If the seventh day is a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, the answer may be made on the next day whis not ich a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday. The last possible dte on which the defaendant may answer is the ______ day of __________________, 20____. If answer is not so made, a writ of possession shall issue against you as by law provided, pursuant to Plaintiffs Affidavit. S heila H. Walker C lerk, Magistrate Court By ___________________________ D eputy Clerk TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANT: SHERIFFS ENTRY OF SERVICE [ ] I have this day served the defendant _________________________________ prsonallye with a copy of the within action and summons. [ ] I have this day served the defendant _________________________________ b leavingy a copy of the action and summons at hmostis notorious place of abode in this County. [ ] Delivered same into hands of _________________________________ describas follows: ed age, about _____ years; weight, about ____ pounds; height, about _____ feet and _____ inch, domiciled at these residence of defendant. [ ] Served the defendant ___________________________________, a corporation, bleavingy a copy of thwithin e action and summons with ___________________________________ in charge of the office and place of doing business of said Corporation in this Cou. nty [ ] I have this day served the above affdavi it and summons on the defendant(s) by posting a copy of the same to the door of premises thedesignated in same affidavit, and on the same day of such posting by depositing a true copy of same in the United States MaFirst Clail, ss, in an envelope properly addressed to the defenant(s) at thde address shown in said summons, with adequate postage affixed thereon containing notice to the defendant(s) to answer said summons at the place stated in the summons. [ ] Diligent search was made and defendant _____________________________ was not to be found in the jurisdiction of this Court. This ________ day of _____________________________, 20____. _____________________________________ D eputy

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