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Interrogatories (Regarding Assets Losing Party Has To Satisfy Judgment) | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Georgia

Interrogatories (Regarding Assets Losing Party Has To Satisfy Judgment)

This is a Georgia form that can be used for Magistrate Court within Local County, Cobb.

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MAGISTRATE COURT OF COBB COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA _________________________________ Current Civil Action _________________________________ File No. _________________ _________________________________ Original Civil Action Plaintiff, File No. _________________ vs. _________________________________ County Where Original Judgment was entered: _________________________________ ________________________ _________________________________ Defendant. INTERROGATORIES To: ____________________________, Defendant in the above-styled action: The Plaintiff in the above-styled action requests that you answer the following interrogatories separately, fully, and under oath and serve such answers on said plaintiffs address shown above my mail or hand deliver within 30 days after the service of these interrogatories. 1. List your full name, home phone number, and address, including apartment number and zip code. 2. List the full name, address and phone number of your employer(s). 3. Describe and state the location of each piece of real estate in which you own any interest. 4. Give the name, address, phone number, and a description of the nature of any business venture in which you own any interest. 5. List the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all persons who owe money to you specify the amounts owed. <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 6. List the names and address of all banks and savings institutions where you have any sums of money deposited and identify the accounts by number. 7. List and give the present location of all items of personal property owned by you that have a value of more than $100.00. VERIFICATION State of Georgia, County of _______________ ________________________, being first duly sworn on oath, says the foregoing are true and complete answers to the interrogatories propounded by plaintiff to defendant. Sworn and subscribed before me, This_______ day of _________________, 20______ __________________________ Defendant _______________________________________ Deputy Clerk/Notary Public NOTICE YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE COMPLETE ANSWERS TO THE ABOVE-STATED QUESTIONS TO THE PLAINTIFF WITHIN 30 DAYS AFTER SERVICE OF THESE INTERROGATORIES UPON YOU. IF YOU DO NOT ANSWER, OR DO NOT ANSWER COMPLETELY, YOU MAY BECOME SUBJECT TO THE SANCTIONS PROVIDED BY LAW FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT. IF YOU NEED FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS OR IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE IN ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS CONTACT THE COURT AT ONCE.

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