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Protection Order Service Information {PA-005} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Maine

Protection Order Service Information {PA-005}

This is a Maine form that can be used for Protection From Abuse within Statewide, District Court.

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PROTECTION ORDER SERVICE INFORMATION DEFENDANT Defendant's Name: Home Address: Apartment No. and / or floor: Color of house or other description: If living with another person, other person's name: Telephone: Home/work/cell: ________________________ Hours defendant will most likely be at home: Name of Employer: Work Address: Work Schedule: S M T W Th F S (Circle Work Days) Hours Worked: ________________________ AM/PM to AM/PM PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION (If known) VEHICLE (If known) Make and Year: Birth Date: Height: Type/Model: Weight: Color: Hair Color: Registration No. and State: Eye Color: Gender: Race: White Black Asian or Pacific Islander Amer. Indian/Alaskan Native Unknown If you are unable to provide the above information, please list below the name, address and telephone number of anyone who can help the serving officer locate the defendant: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Does the defendant own a firearm or other weapon? If so, where is the weapon usually kept? Does the defendant have a history of violence? Is there anything else the serving officer should know about the defendant? PLAINTIFF Plaintiff's Name: Address (unless confidential): Telephone: Home/work/cell: (Unless confidential) ____________________ _______________ PA-005, Rev. 11/08 American LegalNet, Inc.

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