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This is a District Of Columbia form that can be used for Court Of Appeals.

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DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA COURT OF APPEALS Appellant/Petitioner v. No. Appellee/Respondent MOTION For procedural motions: Pursuant to D.C. App. R. 27(b)(4), I have attempted to secure the consent of all other parties and (check one): ___ the motion is unopposed; ___ an opposition will be filed; ___ I have been unable to contact one or more of the parties (detail: ________________________________________________________________________ ____ ). I, , appellant/ appellee in the above appeal request that: Respectfully submitted: Signature: Name (print): Address: Telephone No.: Certificate of Service I certify that I have served a copy of the foregoing on (name) by hand/by first class mail at (address) this ______ day of ________________________, 20_____. American LegalNet, Inc.<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2Signature: ______________________________________ American LegalNet, Inc.

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