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Answer (Defendants Answer To The Complaint) {CF7} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Delaware

Answer (Defendants Answer To The Complaint) {CF7}

This is a Delaware form that can be used for Justice Of The Peace Court within Statewide.

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IN THE JUSTICE OF THE PEACE COURT OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE, IN AND FOR _________ COUNTY COURT NO. _____ COURT ADDRESS: ________________________________ CIVIL ACTION NO. ____________ ________________________________ PLAINTIFF(S): VS. DEFENDANT(S): ____________________________ ________________________________ ____________________________ ________________________________ DEFENDANTS ANSWER TO THE COMPLAINT Check all that are appropriate: A._______ I admit that I owe the debt or claim in the Complaint and DO NOT want a trial. (This means that you agree to a judgment being entered against you for the amount claimed plus interest and costs. Any money owed should be paid directly to the PlaiYou ntiff. will be giving up your right to a trial and will not have a right to appeal your decision to admit this debt or claim.) B._______ I WANT A TRIAL. _______ DEBT ACTIONS ONLY: In addition to a trial, I request that the Plaintiff provide me with a more detailed statement of the claim (Bill of Particulars). DATED:_______________________ _______________________________ _____________________________________ (Signature of Defendant (Defendants Address/Phone No. _____________________________ _____________________________________ (Defendants Attorney, if any) (Attorneys Address/Phone No.) If you are a corporation (or other artificial entity or public body): This Answer MUST be signed by an attorney or person designated by a Certificate of Representation (Form 50) for the corporation or entity prior to the filing of this Answer. Only an attorney or a person designated in a Form 50 may represent you in JP court. YOU MAY OBTAIN A FORM 50 and further information from the Courts website at (Click on Form 50). Or, you may obtain a Form 50 from your nearest JP Civil Court. Mail this completed form (Answer) to the Justice of the Peace Court at the address above as soon as possible. This signed document must be received by the Court within 15 days after the date you received it or a default judgment may be entered against you. J.P. Civ. Form No. 7 (Rev. 2/2/04) Doc. No. 02-13-04-02-12

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