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Notice Of Motion For Relief From Automatic Stay {720} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Oregon

Notice Of Motion For Relief From Automatic Stay {720}

This is a Oregon form that can be used for Bankruptcy Court within Federal.

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720 (12/1/2018) Page 1 of 2 UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT DISTRICT OF OREGON In re ) Case No. ) ) ) Notice of Motion for Relief ) From (Check All That Apply): ) Automatic Stay in a Chapter 7/13 Case ) Chapter 13 Codebtor Stay Debtor(s) ) 1. YOU ARE NOTIFIED that a motion was filed by , the moving party, for (Check all that apply): Relief from the automatic stay protecting the debtor(s) and debtor's property, as provided by 11 U.S.C. 247 362. Relief from the stay protecting the codebtor and codebtor222s property as provided by 11 U.S.C. 247 1301. Codebtor222s name and service address are: . 2. A copy of the motion is attached. The name and service address of the moving party's attorney (or moving party, if no attorney) are: . 3. If you wish to resist the motion, you must, within 14 days of the service date shown below, file the following with the clerk at 1050 SW 6th Ave. #700, Portland OR 97204 or 405 E. 8th Ave. #2600, Eugene OR 97401: a. A written response that states the facts supporting the opposition to the motion by filling in the applicable 223response224 portions on a copy of the original motion. If the response will be electronically filed, the response must be prepared using the fillable pdf version of the original motion unless the motion was filed on paper and could not be electronically obtained from the movant; and b. A fully completed notice of hearing using Local Bankruptcy Form (LBF) 721 , including the date and time of the hearing. Available hearing dates and times are posted at under the 223Hearings224 heading. If you do not have internet access, please call the court at (503) 326-1500 or (541) 431-4000 and press 2230" to obtain the required forms and hearing information. 4. Failure to Object or Serve Proper Notice of Hearing. If you fail to file a timely response and notice of hearing, then the automatic stay may expire as to the debtor(s) pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 247 362(e) and the stay protecting the codebtor may expire pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 247 1301(d), or the court may sign an order without further notice, submitted by the moving party on LBF 720.90 , granting relief from the debtor stay and/or codebtor stay. American LegalNet, Inc. 720 (12/1/2018) Page 2 of 2 I certify that: (1) The motion was prepared using the fillable PDF version of LBF 720.80 ; and (2) On this notice and the motion were served on the debtor(s), any codebtor at the address listed above, the trustee, the U.S. Trustee, members of any committee elected pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 247 705, and their respective attorneys. Signature of Moving Party or Attorney (OSB#) American LegalNet, Inc.

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