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Application For Interim Or Final Accountants Compensation {345.7} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Oregon

Application For Interim Or Final Accountants Compensation {345.7}

This is a Oregon form that can be used for Bankruptcy Court within Federal.

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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT DISTRICT OF OREGON In re ) Case No. ) ) ) APPLICATION FOR ) * INTERIM/FINAL (Strike One) ) ACCOUNTANTS COMPENSATION ) Debtor(s) ) The applicant, , by and through the undersigned has performedaccounting services (describe) on behalf of . Pursuant to 11 USC 330, 331, and LBR 2016-1., applicantapplies for interim/final (Strike One) compensation in this case and also certifies the following is true and correct: 1. *[Unless this is a Final Application] No other applications for compensation have been filed during this hearing trimester. This application covers the time period from through . 2. Applicant requests allowance of compensation for: Professional Services of $ ;Expenses of $ ; for a Total of $ . 3. Applicant was appointed by court order entered on , per an Application for Employment filed on . The employment order did not specify a rate of compensation except as follows: . 4. Applicants prior requests for compensation in this case are as follows: Date of Amount Amount Amount Payment Application Requested Allowed Received Source Fees Expenses Fees Expenses Fees Expenses TOTALS: $ $ $ $ $ $ 5. The professional has not shared or agreed to share any compensation received or to be received for services rendered in connection with this case with the exception of regular members of Applicants firm. 6. The rate of compensation, number of hours and requested fee for each person included in this application are summarized as follows: Timekeeper Hourly Number Requested (name & initials) Title Rate Of Hours Fee *See LBR 2016-1. 345.7 (2/1/00) Page 1 of 3 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 7. The following schedules must be attached and formatted as described. Attached and incorporated herein by reference are the following schedules. Schedule A - A narrative summary of services must be provided. Such narrative must include a description of the year and nature of all returns or forms prepared, whether the trustee was required to file such returns or forms, and if not, why they were filed, and any estimated tax savings or other benefit to the estate created by the work. Schedule B -If the requested compensation in this case is/will be over $1000, an itemized billing setting forth the names and qualifications of each service provider and, for each entry, the date the service was performed, a detailed description of the service, the name of the service provider, the time expended, the amount charged, and the billing category. Billing categories are to be used pursuant to the directions on page 3. A total amount charged for each billing category must also be set forth. 8. Applicant requests the following expense reimbursement: a. A total of $_____________ for expenses that fall within the limits of LBR 2016-1.C. (no itemization required); AND b. Other (describe each in detail): . DATED: Signature Signers Name, Relation to Applicant, and Phone # Address The trustee/debtor in possession finds the proposed fees to be reasonable and there are presently sufficient funds in the estate to pay them. Trustee/Debtor in Possession 345.7 (2/1/00) Page 2 of 3 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3 BILLING CA TEGORIES Each category to be used is numbered. Each itemization must fall within a numbered category. If a numbered categoryis referred to, it is assumed to include the subset of services listed thereunder. A detailed description of the services providedwithin each billing category is required. CATEGORY 1: ORGANIZATION OF FINANCIAL RECORDS Accumulation of financial information Review and organize financial dataCATEGORY 2: PAYROLL Payroll processing for period __________ Payroll tax report preparation for period _________ W-2 Form Preparation for year ________ Forms 1099/1096 for year _______ CATEGORY 3: PERIOD END ACCOUNTING Analyze and post debtor/trustee prepared financial records Prepare working trial balance, supporting workpapers, and adjustments Prepare depreciation schedules Prepare 2015 reports CATEGORY 4: TAX RETURN PREPARATION Prepare tax return form for period ending ___________ Review tax return for period ending ______________CATEGORY 5: MISCELLANE OUS Calculate asset basis Calculate carryover tax attributes Court and litigation support Meeting with ___ to discuss ____ Monthly accounting for trustee Phone call or letter to ____ for ______ Prepare fee application Respond to IRS/state notices re: ________ Review tax impact of ________ Other _____________________ 345.7 (2/1/00) Page 3 of 3

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