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Application For Chapter 12 Initial Or Supplemental Compensation Of Attorney For Debtor {1214} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Oregon

Application For Chapter 12 Initial Or Supplemental Compensation Of Attorney For Debtor {1214}

This is a Oregon form that can be used for Bankruptcy Court within Federal.

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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT DISTRICT OF OREGON In re ) Case No. ) ) APPLICATION FOR CHAPTER 12 ) INITIAL/SUPPLEMENTAL (Strike One) ) COMPENSATION OF ATTORNEY ) FOR DEBTOR Debtor(s) ) The applicant, , by and through the undersigned whose OSB # is , pursuant to 11 USC 331 and LBR 2016-1., applies for initial/supplemental (strike one)compensation and certifies the following is true and correct: 1. The following pre-filing compensation has been received in connection with this case (indicate date, amount, payor,payors relation to case, and description for all monies and any other consideration received): 2. *[Unless this is a Final Application] No other applications for compensation have been filed during this hearingtrimester. This application covers the time period from through . 3. Applicant requests allowance of compensation for: Legal Services of $ ; Expenses of $ ; for a Total of $ . 4. Applicants prior requests for compensation in this case are as follows: Date of Amount Amount Amount PaymentApplication Requested Allowed Received Source Fees Expenses Fees Expenses Fees Expenses TOTAL S: $ $ $ $ $ $ 5. Applicant has not shared or agreed to share any compensation received or to be received for services rendered inconnection with this case with the exception of regular members of Applicants firm. *See LBR 2016-1. 1214 (3/15/98) Page 1 of 2 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 6. The rate of compensation, number of hours and requested fee for each person included in this application are summarized as follows: Timekeeper Hourly Number Requested(name & initials) Title Rate Of Hours Fee 7. Attached and incorporated herein by reference are the following schedules (check those that apply): Schedule A - A narrative summary of services provided including total hours and resulting benefits to the estate of eachactivity category. [Preferred, but only mandatory if application exceeds $2,000.] Schedule B - [If this is the Initial Application for compensation] A brief narrative and itemization detailing all case relatedPRE-PETITION fees. [Itemization mandatory; narrative mandatory if compensation requested in the application exceeds $2,000.] Schedule C - An itemized billing setting forth a description of each event, including the date, amount of time spent, andname of the person performing each event. [Mandatory] 8. Applicants expense reimbursement requests do not exceed the sums specified in LBR 2016-1.C., or any superseding local rule or general order, except to the extent specifically explained below: 9. On copies of this Fee Application, all attachments thereto, and the required Notice wereserved on the debtor(s), Trustee, and U.S. Trustee; and a separate copy of only the Notice was sent to all creditors if the amountrequested exceeded $500 (except if original time to file claims has expired, only to interested parties and creditors who filedclaims), using either: (1) the LBR 2002-1.B.1.b.(1) Notice of Intent format if this is the initial fee application, or (2) LBF#1214.5 if this is a supplemental fee application. DATED: Signature Signers Name and Phone # Address 1214 (3/15/98) Page 2 of 2

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