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Order Prescribing Notice (Probate) {GC-022} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | California

Order Prescribing Notice (Probate) {GC-022}

This is a California form that can be used for Probate Guardianship-Conservatorship within Judicial Council.

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DE-200, GC-022 ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY (Name, state bar number, and address): TELEPHONE AND FAX NOS.: FOR COURT USE ONLY ATTORNEY FOR (Name): SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF STREET ADDRESS: MAILING ADDRESS: CITY AND ZIP CODE: BRANCH NAME: ESTATE OF (Name): GUARDIANSHIP OF CONSERVATORSHIP OF MINOR CONSERVATEE CASE NUMBER: DECEDENT ORDER PRESCRIBING NOTICE (PROBATE) THE COURT ORDERS 1. The time and place of hearing* on the petition for a. compensation on account (Prob. Code, §§ 8547(d), 10830) b. authority to continue decedent's business (Prob. Code, §§ 9760-9763) order vacating order confirming sale (Prob. Code, §§ 10350, 10351) c. d. court authorization for medical treatment (Prob. Code, §§ 2357(c), 3201) e. appointment of a limited conservator (Prob. Code, § 1822) . f. other (specify): . f (hearing) is set for . Date: Time: Dept.: Room: Address of court: same as noted above other (specify): 2. Petitioner shall cause notice of the hearing to be served at least (specify): days before hearing personally upon (name): a. b. mailed at least (specify): to the persons listed below Name days before hearing, in the manner prescribed by Probate Code section 1215 listed on Attachment 2b. Address c. Date: (for limited conservatorship only) mailed to the regional center identified in Probate Code section 1827.5. JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT * This form is not sufficient as Notice of Hearing. Form Approved by the Judicial Council of California DE-200, GC-022 [Rev. January 1,1998] Mandatory Form [1/1/2000] SIGNATURE FOLLOWS LAST ATTACHMENT ORDER PRESCRIBING NOTICE (Probate) 2001 © American LegalNet, Inc.

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