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Family Law Interim Order | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Missouri

Family Law Interim Order

This is a Missouri form that can be used for Civil within Local Circuit Courts, 27th Circuit, Henry County.

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF ___________COUNTY, MISSOURI Petitioner, v. Respondent. Case No. Family Law Interim Order Form 68-1 Until further order of the court and so long as the above case is pending IT IS ORDERED: 1. All parties are restrained from stalking, abusing, threatening, harassing, or interfering with the personal liberty of any other party. No party shall enter upon the premises of the dwelling of any other party, unless invited by the resident party, if the parties are living in separate residences. 2. No party shall remove, cause to be removed or permit the removal of any minor children of the parties from the State of Missouri without written permission from the other party or order of the Court. 3. No party shall incur unreasonable or unnecessary debts hereafter. Any unreasonable or unnecessary debt incurred after the date of the filing of this action shall presumptively be assessed against the party incurring any such debt. The Court specifically reserves the right to reallocate the income and expenses of the parties, and the costs connected with this action. 4. No party shall cause any other party or the children of the parties to be removed from any existing insurance coverage, including but not limited to medical, hospital, dental, automobile, or disability insurance and each party shall maintain all such insurance coverage in full force and effect. 5. No party shall change the beneficiaries on any existing life insurance policies, and each party shall maintain the existing life insurance policies in full force and effect without change. 6. No party shall conceal or damage any property, real or personal. No party shall dissipate, sell, remove, assign, transfer, dispose of, lend, mortgage, or encumber any property, real or personal, except in the ordinary course of business, or for the necessities of life. In the case of transactions made in the ordinary course of business in all cases wherein award of property or division of debt is at issue, an itemized written accounting shall be made at least quarterly to the other party. In the case of dispositions made for the necessities of life in all cases wherein award of property or division of debt is at issue, an itemized written accounting shall be made to the other party within thirty (30) days. 7. In the event the parties are living in the same residence at the time of the service of this Order, the parties shall attempt to decide between themselves if one party should move from American LegalNet, Inc. 8. If there are minor children and one of the parties has moved from the family residence, the parties shall attempt to work out a parent-child contact schedule pending further Order of the Court. Failure to reach agreement on this issue will result in a minimum contact visitation Order at the first scheduled case management conference. 9. Any party moving from the family residence may return to pick up personal belongings and effects at a reasonable time if the parties agree. If the parties cannot agree on the times in this paragraph, the Court will decide these issues at a hearing for temporary relief. 10. Any party receiving personal mail or packages addressed only to another party shall not open such mail, but shall forward or arrange to have such mail or packages delivered promptly to the addressed party. The person, who receives personal mail addressed to both parties or concerning the children or related to any of the other parties; income, debts, or property, may open the same, but any party receiving such mail shall promptly send a copy to the other party. No party shall take any action to divert the delivery of mail addressed solely to any other party from the address designated by the other party to the United State Postal Service or other parcel delivery service. 11. This order shall continue in effect so long as this case is pending in court except as modified by written agreement of the parties and filed with the court or as modified by further Order of the Court. 12. All parties are advised of the applicability of Local Court Rule 68 to this case. A complete copy of Rule 68 is available to the public at the Circuit Clerk's office. All parties shall fully comply with such Rule. 13. Disobedience of this Order may constitute contempt of court and subject the violator to fine, imprisonment, or other sanction as allowed by law, plus payment of attorney's fees and costs to the other party. 14. If either party is aggrieved by this Family Law Interim Order, a court hearing may be requested, however, the court urges the parties to attempt to resolve their dispute through mediation before requesting a hearing. 15. This Order does not supercede any temporary or final Order of Protection that may already be in effect. Such Order of Protection remains in full effect. Date: ____________________ _________________________________ Judge American LegalNet, Inc.

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