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Landlords Petition {4120} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Missouri

Landlords Petition {4120}

This is a Missouri form that can be used for Landlord Tenant within Local Circuit Courts, 16th Circuit (Jackson County).

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF JACKSON COUNTY, MISSOURI ASSOCIATE CIRCUIT DIVISION !!!!AT KANSAS CITY !!!!AT INDEPENDENCE ______________________________________ PLAINTIFF(MUST BE RECORDEDTITLE OWNER) ______________________________________ STREET ADDRESS ______________________________________ CITY STATE ZIP ______________________________________ NO. _________________________ Telephone Fax Number PRINT ALL INFORMATIONLEGIBLY v. PETITION MUST BE COMPLETE,SIGNED, AND NOTARIZED. ______________________________________ ALL SPECIAL PROCESS SERVERSMUST BE APPOINTEDBY DEFENDANT(S)/TENANT(S) MOTION AND ORDER OF THE COURT IN COMPLIANCEWITH LOCAL COURT RULE 4.9. _____________________________________ STREET ADDRESS ______________________________________ CITY STATE ZIP LANDLORDS PETITION _________________________________________________,being duly sworn on oath states that the above-named Plaintiff is the recorded title owner of the property described herein and defendant(s)/tenant(s)now occupies as a tenant of plaintiff, the following premises at: _________________________________________________________ in Jackson County, Missouri. Said premises were rented to the defendant on ______________,at the rate of $________________permonth, payable monthly in advance. The sum of $________________isnow due plaintiff for said rent. The same has been demanded of defendant(s)and payment has not been made. Plaintiffis the owner of the propertyand is a: (check one) ! Sole Proprietorship ! General Partnership ! Limited LiabilityPartnership ! Limited LiabilityCo. ! Corporation WHEREFORE,Plaintiff prays for judgment for possession of said premises and for $________________rent, now due, and all rent to accrue from the date of filing until date of judgment,and costs. It is a Class A misdemeanorto make a false affidavitfor the purpose of misleadinga public official ._____________________________________ ______________________________________________ ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF,# Plaintiff/Owner _________________________________________ OWNER OR OWNERS ATTORNEYMUST APPEAR IN COURT. Street Address City State Zip If the owner is a Limited LiabilityPartnership, Limited LiabilityCompany or a Corporation,petition _____________________________________ must be signed by an attorney,and the party must be representedby attorney in court Telephone Fax Number AFFIDAVIT STATE OF MISSOURI ) COUNTY OF JACKSON ) Personally appeared before me ____________________________,Plaintiff/Owner, who subscribed and swore to the facts contained within the foregoing document before me on __________________________. My CommissionExpires:______________ ___________________________________ Notary Public CIRCT 4120 04/01

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