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Petition For Name Change {AOC-295} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Kentucky

Petition For Name Change {AOC-295}

This is a Kentucky form that can be used for Civil within Statewide.

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en-USIN RE: CHANGE OF NAME FOR en-USen-USCOME(S) THE PETITIONER(S)en-US,en-US (choose one) : þ þ en-USen-US en-USand en-US,en-USliving parents of the above-captioned minor (minor refers to child under age 18, see KRS 401.020);en-US or þ en-USen-US , surviving parent of above-captioned minor; en-USor þ en-USen-US , guardian of above-captioned minor; en-USor þ en-USen-US above-en-UScaptioned adult, en-USAND IN SUPPORT OF THIS PETITION STATE(S)en-US:en-US1. The original name is .en-US2. The desired name change is .en-US3. Birthdate (MM/DD/YY) of minor/adult is .en-US4. Birth location (city, county, state) of minor/adult is: .en-USen-US.en-US6. Purpose of desired name change is: en-US. I understand identity theft is a Class D Felonyen-USin Kentucky. KRS 514.160. en-USI am not requesting this name change to avoid a legal obligation or evade prosecution.en-US7. en-USFor petition of minor with two living parentsen-US: Per KRS 401.020, if a parent refuses or is unavailable to execute this en-USPetition, en-USproper noticeen-USen-USshall be made on absent parenten-US pursuant to the Rules of Civil Procedure. en-USFatheren-US: en-USAddress: .en-USMotheren-US: en-USAddress: .en-USWHEREFOREen-US, Petitioner(s) pray(s) for an Order for Change of Name.en-USDated: , 2. þ Petitioner222s Signature þ Petitioner222s Signature en-USAttorney Name: AOC-295 þ Doc. Code: PNC en-USRev. 10-08en-USPage 1 of 1en-USCommonwealth of Kentuckyen-USCourt of Justice en-US Chapter 401en-USPETITION FOR NAME CHANGE lexet justitia COMMONWEALTHOFKENTUCKY COURTOFJUSTICE HEARING en-USSchedule hearing for , 2en-USat en-USen-US a.m. en-USen-US p.m.en-USen-USJudge en-USNote:en-USen-USDistribution for Hearing Notice:en-US Petitioner(s) OR Attorney for Petitioner(s), if anyen-USSubscribed and sworn to before me on en-US, 2.en-USMy commission expires: , 2.en-USen-USNotary en-USCase No. en-USCourt en-USCounty en-USDivision American LegalNet, Inc.

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