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Acknowledgment By Propria Persona Party {101} |  | Texas

Acknowledgment By Propria Persona Party {101}

This is a Texas form that can be used for Civil within Local County, Fort Bend.

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ANNIE REBECCA ELLIOTT Fort Bend County District Clerk 301 Jackson, Richmond, TX 77469 Telephone: (281) 341-4509 Fax: (281) 341-4519 Cause No: ACKNOWLEDGMENT BY PROPRIA PERSONA PARTY I am the Plaintiff above case. Defendant Petitioner Respondent in the By my signature below, I acknowledge the following: I am aware that I can hire an attorney to represent me. I voluntarily choose to represent myself. I understand that I will receive no special favors, assistance, or advice from the Judge or Clerk as they cannot and do not represent either party in litigation. I understand that I will be expected to comply with all relevant rules of procedural, evidentiary and substantive law. I voluntarily wish to proceed without a lawyer and represent myself. PRINT Information Requested Below: Your Name Telephone Number (Home) Address Telephone Number (Work) City, State, Zip ANOTHER PERSON WE MAY CONTACT: Name Telephone Number Address City, State, Zip Your Signature Today's Date Revised 01/14 This form is available for download at no cost at American LegalNet, Inc.

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