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Restated Articles Of Organization

This is a Massachusetts form that can be used for Domestic Profit And Professional Corporations within Secretary Of State, Corporations Division.

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en-USRESTATED ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATIONen-US(General Laws, Chapter 180, Section 7)en-USIDENTIFICATION en-USNO.en-US þ en-USFiling Fee: $35.00 en-USExaminer en-USP.C. en-USNameen-USþ en-US, *President / *Vice President,en-USand þ en-US, *Clerk / *Assistant Clerk, þ en-USof þ en-US, þ (Exact name of corporation) en-USlocated at þ en-US, þ en-USdo hereby certify that the following Restatement of the Articles of Organizationen-US en-USwas duly adopted at a meeting en-USheld on þ en-US, 20 þ en-US, by a vote of: þ en-USmembers,en-USen-USdirectors, or þ en-USshareholders**,en-USen-USBeing at least two-thirds of the members or directors legally quali037ed to vote in meetings of the corporation where en-USthere is no amendment to the Articles of Organization; OR þ en-USBeing at least two-thirds of its members legally quali037ed to vote in meetings of the corporation where there is an en-USamendment to the Articles of Organization; OR þ en-USþ en-USIn the case of a corporation having capital stock, by the holders of at least two-thirds of the capital stock having the en-USright to vote therein where there is an amendment to the Articles of Organization.en-US en-US037036035034033032031031032030027035026025024036034032023034022026021021026020036017021035024024021en-USWilliam Francis Galvinen-USSecretary of the Commonwealthen-USOne Ashburton Place, Room 1717, Boston, Massachusetts 02108-1512en-USþ C þ en-US þ P þ en-US þ M þ enen-USR.A. þ American LegalNet, Inc. en-USARTICLE Ien-US036e name of the corporation is:en-USARTICLE en-USIIen-US036e purpose of the corporation is to engage in the following activities:en-USARTICLE en-USIIIen-USA corporation may have one or more classes of members. If it does, the designation of such classes, the manner of election or appointen-US-en-USments, the duration of membership and the quali037cation and rights, including voting rights, of the members of each class, may be set en-USforth in the by-laws of the corporation or may be set forth below: þ en-USARTICLE en-USIVen-US**Other lawful provisions, if any, for the conduct and regulation of the business and a035airs of the corporation, for its en-US en-USvoluntary dissolution, or for limiting, de037ning, or regulating the powers of the corporation, or of its directors or members, en-US en-USor of any class of members, are as follows:en-US**If there are no provisions, state 223None224.en-USNote: 036e preceding four (4) articles are considered to be permanent and may ONLY be changed by 035ling appropriate Articles of Amendment. American LegalNet, Inc. *Delete the inapplicable words. þ **If there are no such amendments, state 223None224. en-USARTICLE Ven-US036e e035ective date of the Restated Articles of Organization of the corporation shall be the date approved and 037led by the Secretary of the en-USCommonwealth. If a en-USlateren-US e035ective date is desired, specify such date which shall not be more than thirty days after the date of 037ling.en-USARTICLE VIen-US037e information contained in Article VI is not a permanent part of the Articles of Organization.en-USa. 036e street address (post o034ce boxes are not acceptable) of the principal o034ce of the corporation en-USin Massachusettsen-US is: en-USb. 036e name, residential address and post o034ce address of each director and o034cer of the corporation is as follows: þ NAME þ RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS þ POST OFFICE ADDRESS en-USPresident:en-USTreasurer:en-USClerk:en-USDirectors: en-US(or o034cers en-UShaving the en-USpowers of en-USdirectors)en-USc. 036e 037scal year of the corporation shall end on the last day of the month of:en-USd. 036e name and business address of the resident agent, if any, of the corporation is:en-US**We further certify that the foregoing Restated Articles of Organization a036ect no amendments to the Articles of Organization of en-USthe corporation as heretofore amended, except amendments to the following articles. Brie035y describe amendments below:en-USSIGNED UNDER THE PENALTIES OF PERJURY, this þ þ­ day of þ en-US, 20 þ en-US,en-USen-US, *President / *Vice President,en-USen-US, *Clerk / *Assistant Clerk. American LegalNet, Inc. en-USTHE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTSen-USRESTATED ARTICLES OF ORGANIZATIONen-US(General Laws, Chapter 180, Section 7)en-USI hereby approve the within Restated Articles of Organization and, en-US en-USthe 037ling fee in the amount of $ þ en-UShaving been paid, saiden-USarticles are deemed to have been 037led with me this þ en-USday ofen-US en-USen-US, 20 þ en-US.en en-USE037ective Date: þ en-USWILLIAM FRANCIS GALVINen-USSecretary of the Commonwealthen-USTO BE FILLED IN BY CORPORATIONen-USContact information: þ þ þ en-USTelephone: þ en en-USEmail: þ en en-USUpon 037ling, a copy of this 037ling will be available at If the en-USdocument is rejected, a copy of the rejection sheet and rejected document will be en-USavailable in the rejected queue. American LegalNet, Inc.

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