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Uniform Child Support Order {AOC-152} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Kentucky

Uniform Child Support Order {AOC-152}

This is a Kentucky form that can be used for Civil within Statewide.

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en-USen-USen-USen-USIn Re: Child222s Nameen-US þ Social Security No. þ Birthdate þ Child222s Name en-US þ Social Security No. þ Birthdate en-USIf there are more than two (2) children, attach separate sheet with identifying information and check here en-USen-US. en-USSaid en-USattachment is incorporated into this Order by reference.en-USIT IS HEREBY ORDERED AND ADJUDGED THAen-UST: The en-USen-US Mother en-USen-US Father en-USen-US Other en-US shall pay child support as follows:en-US1) $en-US per month as en-UScurrent child support en-USen-USen-US As determined byen-USKY Child Support Guidelines; en-USen-US By written agreement of parties with knowledge of the Guidelines;en-USen-USen-USen-USen-USen-US.en-US2) $en-US per month toen-USward en-USarrearage judgmenten-US totaling $, calculated for period beginningen-USen-US, and ending , .en-US3) en-USen-USen-USisen-US cen-USurrently accessible and reasonable in cost. The en-USen-US Mother en-USen-US Father is ordered ten-USen-USen-USen-USen-USis noten-US currently accessible anden-USen-USen-US Mother en-USen-US Father when it becomes accessible and reasonable inen-USen-US.en-US4) $en-US per month for other expensesen-USen-USen-USen-US.en-US5) $ en-USTOTAL MONTHLY AMOUNTen-USen-US1en-US $ per en-USen-US week en-USen-US bi-weekly en-USen-US semi-monthly en-USen-US monthen-US6) Other en-USen-USen-USen-US. en-USCase No. en-USCourt en-USen-US District en-US en-USen-US Circuit en-US en-USen-US Familyen-USCounty en-USIV-D Case No. þ þ en-USen-USCommonwealth of Kentuckyen-USCourt of Justice en-US en-USwww.courts.ky.goven-US* See Footnotes & Additional þ Information þ þ þ þ en-USNOTICE:en-US en-USThe Federal Income Withholding For Support Form OMB 0970-0154 must be used by private parties or their attorneys in non-IV-D eligible en-USen-USDOMESTIC VIOLENCE PROTECTIVEen-USORDER ISSUED: en-USen-US YES en-USen-US NOen-USPROTECTED PARTY:en-USen-US PETITIONERen-USen-US RESPONDENT en-USChild Support Recipient's Name & Address en-US2en-US -en-USen-USen-USen-US en-US1en-USen-USen-US2en-USen-USen-USen-USen-USen-US NEW ORDER en-USen-US AMENDED ORDERen-USen-US lexet justitia COMMONWEALTHOFKENTUCKY COURTOFJUSTICE American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com en-USen-US þ þ þ en-USeen-USAOC-152en-USen-USen-USDistribution: þ en-USen-USCheck only box A, B, or C as appropriate and any applicable options thereinen-US.en-USA. en-USen-US Child suen-USen-USbegin immediately. en-US3en-USen-US(check one)en-USen-US directly, OR en-USen-US through until such timeen-USen-USemployer. en-USThe Federal Income Withholding Support Form OMB 0970-0154 must be utilized by private parties and attorneysen-US en-USin non-IV-D eligible cases, and must direct the employer to remit payment to the State Disbursement Unit. en-US4en-US en-USAttach a copy of this Order, AOC-152, to Form OMB 0970-0154 when serving the employer.en-US en-US5en-USORen-USB. en-USen-US en-USen-USen-USien-USen-US(check one)en-USen-US Maen-USen-USen-USORen-USen-US en-USen-USen-USWage/Incoen-USme withholding shall take effect when an arrearage accrues that is equal to the amount of support en-USpayable for one month without the need for a judicial or administrative hearing. If wage/income withholding becomes en-USapplicable, see footnotes 3, 4, and 5 below relating to the mandatory federal income withholding foren-USm. en-USORen-USC. en-USen-US en-USen-USen-USen-USen-USen-USen-US3en-USen-USthe Federal Income Withholding For Support Form OMB 0970-0154 must be used by private parties or their en-USen-US en-US4en-US en-USen-USen-US5en-USen-USen-USen-USen-USen-US. en-USDOCUMENT PREPARER:en-US en-USAen-USen-USen-USen-US***en-USen-USen-USen-US þ en-US American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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