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Petition For Relief Modification Or Termination {AOC-795} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Kentucky

Petition For Relief Modification Or Termination {AOC-795}

This is a Kentucky form that can be used for Hospitalization-Disability within Statewide.

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en-USIn the matter of the guardianship/conservatorship of en-USComes the Petien-UStioner en-US and requests the Court:en-US1. þ en-USen-US Terminate en-USen-US Modify the order of en-USen-US partial disability en-USen-US disability entered on , 2 þ as follows: þ þ þ en-USen-US þ en-USen-US Renew the en-US AOC-795 þ Doc. Code: PRMT en-USRev. 7-18en-USPage 1 of 2en-USCommonwealth of Kentuckyen-USCourt of Justice 387.610; 387.620en-USPETITION FOR RELIEF,en-USMODIFICATION OR TERMINATION lexet justitia COMMONWEALTHOFKENTUCKY COURTOFJUSTICE DISTRICT þ In support of this request, Petitioner states: 2. þ en-USWard's address:en-US County: þ Name and a en-USddress of the individual or facility, if any, having custody of the ward: þ en-USName: þ Add en-USress: County: 3. þ Ward's p en-US þ en-USAddress: þ Appo en-USinted on: þ As: þ en-USen-US Li mited Guardian þ en-USen-US Limited Conservator þ þ en-USen-US Guen-USardian þ en-USen-US Conservator 4. þ Ward's en-US next of kin are: þ Name þ Address þ Relationship þ þ þ þ en-US þ þ 5. þ The fact en-USs and reasons supporting this request: þ en-US þ þ en-USen-USDateen-US* * * * * * * * * * * *en-USWarden-USCase No. Court þ County þ Division þ American LegalNet, Inc. þ en-USpetition in the county of the ward222s current residence or domicile, or, if the ward is a minor, where the parent of the ward en-USis domiciled. KRS 387.520(2)en-US. þ If the foregoing petition is for a renewal of the appointment of a limited guardian or conservator, it shall be accompanied en-USen-USen-USen-USpursuant to KRS 387.610en-US. þ en-US þ Petitioner þ þ Address þ þ Relationship to Ward en-USTo be completed if Petitioner is represented by counsel:en-USen-USSignature of Attorneyen-USen-USAddress of Attorneyen-USen-USTelephone Numberen-USA copy of this Petition was mailed this date to the Ward, the attorney of record, the county attorney and all persons named en-USin the Petition. þ Clerk en-USDate þ By: D.C. AOC-795 en-USRev. 7-18en-USPage 2 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc.

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