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Stipulation-Settlement Agreement {FAM 024} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

Stipulation-Settlement Agreement {FAM 024}

This is a California form that can be used for Family Law within Local County, Los Angeles.

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FAM024A (Rev 12/17) STIPULATION / SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT PAGE OF NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE OF ATTORNEYS OR SELF REPRESENTED PARTIES: SPACE FOR COURT USE ONLY SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES Address of courthouse or district: Petitioner/Plaintiff: Case number: Respondent/Defendant: Related Case No: Claimant: Courtroom/Department No. STIPULATION AND ORDER SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT STIPULATION TO FURTHER JUDGMENT ON RESERVED ISSUES OTHER: HEARING DATE CONTINUATION DATE / TIME Respondent222s filing fee Paid Not paid THE PARTIES AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING MATTERS, WHICH SHALL BE THE ORDERS OF THE COURT. TEMPORARY ORDERS PENDING JUDGMENT OR FURTHER COURT ORDER (PENDENTE LITE) The orders agreed to herein shall stay in effect until superseded by judgment or further order of Court, whichever first occurs, and all other orders made in this case shall remain in full force and effect except as otherwise provided herein. SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT The orders agreed to herein shall be included in a judgment or further judgment to be filed herein. MODIFICATION The orders agreed to herein modify the prior orders and/or the judgment made in this case. All other orders made in this case shall remain in full force and effect except as provided herein. The judgment in this case was filed on . The last order modified hereby was filed on . NOTICE AND OPPORTUNITY TO BE HEARD (Mandatory for custody orders under FC2473048a): The parties understand that they have the right to advance notice of court proceedings and an opportunity to be heard by the court, including the rights to present evidence, cross examine witnesses and argue, and by signing this agreement, waive any right to further notice and opportunity to be heard for the purpose of the validity of court orders made from this agreement. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE OF THIS FORM: This form is provided in three sections. Part A (4 pages) includes this title page and a signature page which should be used in all cases, and also provides for agreements for restraining orders, attorney fees, judgment and other orders. Part B (6 pages) provides for agreements for parentage, child custody and child, spousal and family support orders. Part C (4 pages) provides for agreements for property division orders. USE ONLY THOSE PAGES THAT ARE NECESSARY FOR YOUR AGREEMENTS. NUMBER THE PAGES CONSECUTIVELY WITH THE SIGNATURE PAGE AT THE END. AFTER SIGNING, SEPARATE THE COPIES FROM THE ORIGINALS BEFORE SUBMITTING TO THE CLERK. American LegalNet, Inc. STIPULATION / SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT PAGE OF Date: Case Name: Case Number: The STANDARD RESTRAINING ORDERS on the summons are terminated (FC247233, 2472040).PROPERTY RESTRAINING ORDERS: Petitioner Respondent:Shall not transfer, encumber, hypothecate, conceal or in any way dispose of any property, real or personal, whethercommunity, quasi community, or separate, except in the usual course of business or for the necessities of life.Shall notify the other of proposed extraordinary expenditures and shall provide an accounting of such to the court.Shall not cash in, borrow against, cancel, transfer, dispose of, or change the beneficiaries of any insurance or othercoverage including life, health, automobile and disability held for the benefit of the parties or any minor child.Shall not incur debts or liabilities for which the other may be held responsible, other than for the necessities of life.Other / Exceptions: TEMPORARY PROPERTY CONTROL ORDERS: 102.Petitioner Respondent shall have the temporary use, possession and control of the following property: Petitioner Respondent shall have the temporary use, possession and control of the following property:SEPARATE STIPULATION RE WAIVER OF FINAL DECLARATION OF DISCLOSURE (FC2472105, Optional):The parties waive the requirements of FC2472105a for service on the other of a final declaration of disclosure and make the following representations: (1)Both parties have complied with FC2472104 and the preliminary declarations of disclosure have been completed andexchanged.(2)Both parties have completed and exchanged a current income and expense declaration, that includes all materialfacts and information regarding that party222s earnings, accumulations, and expenses.(3)Both parties have fully complied with FC2472102 and have fully augmented the preliminary declarations of disclosure,including disclosure of all material facts and information regarding the characterization of all assets and liabilities, thevaluation of all assets that are contended to be community property or in which it is contended the community has aninterest, and the amounts of all obligations that are contended to be community obligations or for which it is contendedthe community has liability.(4)This waiver is knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily entered into by each of the parties.(5)Each party understands that this waiver does not limit the legal disclosure obligations of the parties, but rather is astatement under penalty of perjury that those obligations have been fulfilled. Each party further understands thatnoncompliance with those obligations will result in the court setting aside the judgment. This stipulation may be used in place of Stipulation and Waiver of Final Declaration of Disclosure (FL-144) THE UNDERSIGNED DECLARE UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY UNDER THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA THAT THE FACTS STATED IN THE FORGOING WAIVER OF FINAL DECLARATION OF DISCLOSURE ARE TRUE AND CORRECT. Date: SIGN HERE FOR THE ABOVE OPTIONAL DISCLOSURE WAIVER ONLY Petitioner Respondent 105.OTHER ORDERS: American LegalNet, Inc. STIPULATION / SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT PAGE OF Date: Case Name: Case Number: 106.ATTORNEY FEE ORDERS (FC247247270-72, 2030-32, 7640):The issue of attorney's fees and costs for either party is reserved until further order of court.Petitioner Respondent Claimant shall pay to attorney for Petitioner Respondent Claimant, as a contributory share of the payee's attorney fees and costs, the sum of $ , payable by per month on the OR payable in installments of $ day of each month commencing and continuing until paid in full. If any installments remain unpaid for or more days after the due date, the entire remaining balance shall become immediately due and payable and shall bear interest at the legal rate from the date of default. Neither party shall be responsible for the attorney fees and costs of the other except as otherwise ordered herein or in any other court order. OTHER ORDERS:Each of the parties shall, upon demand, execute and deliver all documents necessary to carry out the terms ofthis stipulation / agreement, and upon failure to do so, the court, upon appropriate application, may appoint the Clerk ofthe Superior Court as its commissioner to execute documents specified by court order (LASC Local Rule 3.213c).This agreement covers all matters in dispute in this hearing / Order to Show Cause / motion / trial.All issues not resolved by this agreement are reserved for determination at a further hearing or trial. 111.This hearing / Order to Show Cause / motion / trial is continued to at a.m./p.m. in Department . On the following issues only: ORDERS RELATING TO JUDGMENTS ONLY:The parties waive their rights to a trial and to notice of trial for the purpose of having the court grant a judgmentpursuant to the terms of this agreement which may be heard by a court commissioner sitting as a judge pro tem.All parties waive the right to appeal, to request a statement of decision, and to move for a new trial. 115.The parties were married on and separated on . 116.Respondent was served with the summons herein on or first appeared herein on The parties' marital status shall terminate upon filing of the judgment of dissolution unless a later date isspecifiedhere:(FC2472472339-40).The parties are the parents of each minor child named in the petition or complaint filed herein and a judgmentestablishing the parent child relationship may be granted herein under the Uniform Parentage Act (FC2477600-7730). American LegalNet, Inc. STIPULATION / SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT PAGE OF Date: Case Name: Case Number: The attorney for the Petiti

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