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Request For Transcript

This is a Ohio form that can be used for General within City (Municipal Court), Vandalia.

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IN THE MUNICIPAL COURT OF VANDALIA, OHIO TRAFFIC, CRIMINAL, CIVIL AND/OR SMALL CLAIMS DIVISION ________________________ Plaintiff, vs. ________________________ Defendant. : : : : REQUEST FOR ESTIMATE OF COSTS & PREPARATION OF TRANSCRIPT Case No. ____________________ : _______________________________ Now comes __________________ and hereby requests an estimate of cost for the preparation of transcript and that said transcript be prepared in the above-captioned case from the following hearing or trial. Date and Time of Proceeding: ____________________________________________ Requested by: ________________________________________________________ Plaintiff/Defendant/Attorney for Plaintiff/Defendant ** Pursuant to Local Rule 9.01, an estimate shall be provided and a deposit shall be paid prior to the preparation of the transcript. The party requesting the transcript shall have two weeks from the date of estimate to pay the deposit required. Failure to pay the required deposit within the time allotted will result in a waiver of the request and the Court will proceed accordingly without a transcript. The party requesting the transcript shall be notified upon the completion of the transcript and the final costs must be paid in full at that time or the transcript will not be released. _____________________________ Name: ______________________ Address: _____________________ Phone # ______________________ CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE The undersigned hereby certifies a copy of this document has been served upon _____________, at ____________________________ on this ____ day of __________, 2015. _____________________________ Name: _______________________ DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE Estimated Cost: ___________________ Date ___________________ Date ___________________ Date ___________________ Date ___________________ Date _____________________ Amount _____________________ Method American LegalNet, Inc. _____________________ Amount _____________________ Amount Deposit Received Notice of Completion: Final Cost: Paid in Full:

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