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Initial Order For Complex Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case {3} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Pennsylvania

Initial Order For Complex Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case {3}

This is a Pennsylvania form that can be used for USBC Western within Federal.

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IN THE UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA In Re: Debtor(s) : : : : Bankruptcy No. Chapter 11 INITIAL ORDER FOR COMPLEX CHAPTER 11 BANKRUPTCY CASE This bankruptcy case was filed on _________________________________. An Ex Parte Motion for Designation as a Complex Chapter 11 Case was filed. After review of the initial pleadings filed in this case, the Court concludes that this is a Complex Chapter 11 Case and issues this scheduling order. 1. The Debtor shall maintain a Service List identifying the parties that must be served whenever a motion or other pleading requires notice. Upon establishment of such a list, notices of motions and other matters will be limited to the parties on the Service List. a. The Service List shall initially include the Debtor, Debtor's counsel, counsel for the unsecured creditors' committee, U.S. Trustee, all secured creditors, the twenty (20) largest unsecured creditors, any indenture trustee, and any party that files a request for notice. b. Any party in interest that wishes to receive notice, other than as listed on the Service List, shall be added to the Service List merely by request filed of record with the Clerk and served on the Debtor and Debtor's counsel. c. Parties on the Service List are encouraged to give a fax number or e-mail address for service of process, and parties are encouraged to authorize service by fax or e-mail. Consent to fax or email service may be included in the party's notice of appearance and request for service. d. The Service List shall be filed within three (3) calendar days after entry of this Order. Debtors shall update the Service List and file with the Clerk a copy of the updated Service List upon request of a party to be added. 2. The Court hereby establishes the following dates and times for hearing all motions and other matters in this case in Courtroom ______________ at ________________________________________. 3. If a matter is properly noticed for hearing and the parties reach agreement on a settlement of the dispute prior to the hearing, the parties may announce the settlement at the scheduled hearing. If the Court determines that the notice of the dispute and the hearing is adequate notice of the effects of the settlement, the Court may approve the settlement at the hearing without further notice of the terms of the settlement. 4. The debtor shall give notice of this Order to all parties in interest within seven (7) calendar days. If any party in interest objects to the provisions of this Order, that party shall file and serve a motion for reconsideration and proposed order within fourteen (14) days of the date of this Order articulating the objection and the relief requested. Date: ______________________ ________________________________________________ United States Bankruptcy Judge PAWB Local Form 3 (07/13) American LegalNet, Inc.

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