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Paternity Summons {CV-SUM12} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Illinois

Paternity Summons {CV-SUM12}

This is a Illinois form that can be used for Family Law within Local County, McHenry.

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SUMMONS ­ Paternity IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE TWENTY-SECOND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT McHENRY COUNTY, ILLINOIS _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Plaintiff(s) vs. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Defendant(s) Case Number_________________________________ PATERNITY SUMMONS To each defendant: YOU ARE SUMMONED and required to appear before this Court at the McHenry County Government Center, 2200 N. Seminary Avenue, Woodstock, Illinois, Room __________________ at _____________ o'clock _______m., on ____________________________________________________, 20________ to answer the complaint in this case, a copy of which is hereto attached. IF YOU FAIL TO DO SO, A JUDGMENT BY DEFAULT MAY BE TAKEN AGAINST YOU FOR THE RELIEF ASKED IN THE COMPLAINT. IF YOU DO NOT APPEAR AS INSTRUCTED IN THIS SUMMONS, YOU MAY BE REQUIRED TO SUPPORT THE CHILD NAMED IN THIS PETITION UNTIL THE CHILD IS AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD. YOU MAY ALSO HAVE TO PAY THE PREGNANCY AND DELIVERY COSTS OF THE MOTHER. To the officer: This summons must be returned by the officer or other person to whom it was given for service, with endorsement of service and fees, if any, immediately after service and not less than three (3) days before the day for appearance. If service cannot be made, this summons shall be returned so endorsed. This summons may not be served later than three (3) days before the day for appearance. Witness_________________________________20______ _______________________________________________ Clerk of Court Date of Service___________________________20______ (To be inserted by officer on copy left with defendant or other person) Name_____________________________________________ Attorney for________________________________________ Address___________________________________________ City, State Zip______________________________________ Telephone_________________________________________ CV-SUM12: Revised 12/01/06 Page 1 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc. AFFIDAVIT FOR SERVICE BY CERTIFIED MAIL ________________________________________________________________________, being first duly sworn, on oath says that the last known mailing address of _____________________________________________________________________________ defendant above is _________________________________________________________________________________________, and the last known mailing address of _________________________________________________________________________, defendant above, is ________________________________________________________________________________________. ______________________________________________________ Signature Subscribed and sworn to before me this______________ day of ________________________________________, A.D. 20______ ______________________________________________________ I certify that I served this Summons on the defendant__________________________________________________________, on the ____________________day of _____________________________________________________, A.D. 20___________ in the following manner: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Signed)_______________________________________________ FEES Clerk's Fees________________________________________ $___________________ Other Fees_________________________________________ $___________________ TOTAL______________ $____________________ (Signed)_______________________________________________ CV-SUM12: Revised 12/01/06 Page 2 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc.

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