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Articles Of Incorporation {11}

This is a New Hampshire form that can be used for Corporation within Secretary Of State.

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Mailing Address - Corporation Division, NH Dept. of State, 107 N Main St, Rm 204, Concord, NH 03301-4989 Physical Location - State House Annex, 3rd Floor, Rm 317, 25 Capitol St, Concord, NH Form 11 Instruct State of New Hampshire ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING FORM 11 (RSA 293-A:2.02 & RSA 293-C) TEN STEPS TO AVOID REJECTION1.The form must be legibly printed or typed on 8.5224 x 11224 paper and maintain 1224 margins. Pencil orerasable ink is not acceptable. 2.Article First: Your application must contain a corporate name. Per RSA 293-A:4.01 and RSA 293-Cthe corporate name must contain the word "corporation," "incorporated," or "limited" or theabbreviation "corp.," "inc.," or "ltd.", or words or abbreviations of like import in another language. 3.Principal business information is optional and is not part of article first.4.Article Second: Per RSA 293-A:6.01 and RSA 293-C, all corporations must state how many sharesthe corporation is authorized to issue and must have at least one share. RSA 293-A:1.40 (22)defines a share as a unit to which proprietary interests in the corporation are divided (unit ofownership). 5.Article Third: Per RSA 293-agent named or if an out of state address is listed. 6.Article Fourth:- RSA 293-A Corporation: A b7. See RSA 293-A:2.02(b) for additional articles which may be included. 8.Article Fifth: To identify your business as a benefit corporation, the articles of incorporation must9.Article Sixth: List the name of each incorporator and their business address. Note: 10.The total filing fee to register is $100.00, payable to the State of New Hampshire. PLEASE NOTE: The name will be searched for availability upon receipt of these documents. If the filing has been accepted, you will receive a filed-stamped copy within 30 days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please contact our office. Checks are deposited upon receipt. If the check has been American LegalNet, Inc. Page 1 of 2 Form 11 State of New Hampshire Filing fee: $100.00 Form 11 Use black print or type. RSA 293-A:2.02 & RSA 293-C:3 ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION The undersigned, acting as incorporator(s) of a corporation under the New Hampshire Business Corporation Act, adopt(s) the following articles of incorporation for such corporation: FIRST: The name of the corporation is . Principal Business Information: Principal Office Address: (no. & street) (city/town) (state) (zip code) Principal Mailing Address (if different): (no. & street) (city/town) (state) (zip code) Business Phone: Business Email: Please check if you would prefer to receive the courtesy Annual Report Reminder by email. SECOND: The number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue: Share Type (optional) No. of Authorized Shares Par Value (optional) Comments (optional) THIRD: The name of the corporation's initial registered agent is: . The complete address of its initial registered office (agent's business address) is: . (no. & street) (city/town) (state) (zip code) FOURTH: Describe the principal purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized (and if known, list the NAICS Code and Sub Code) [if more space is needed, attach additional sheet(s)]: . (A benefit corporation shall have a purpose of creating general public benefit per RSA 293-C:6) FIFTH: The above named business (is/is not) electing, by at least the minimum status vote defined by RSA 293-C:2, VII, to become a benefit corporation pursuant to RSA 293-C. Fiscal year end date of the benefit corporation: . month and day American LegalNet, Inc. DISCLAIMER: All documents filed with the Corporation Division become public records and will be available for public inspection in either tangible or electronic form. Mailing Address - Corporation Division, NH Dept. of State, 107 N Main St, Rm 204, Concord, NH 03301-4989 Physical Location - State House Annex, 3rd Floor, Rm 317, 25 Capitol St, Concord, NH Page 2 of 2 Form 11 (10/2018) ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION Form 11 (Cont.) OFFICER / DIRECTOR INFORMATION (List all Officers and/or Directors to be placed on record, if any) NAME BUSINESS ADDRESS TITLE SIXTH: List the name of each incorporator and their business address: Name Address Incorporator(s) Signatures Date signed: Note: The sale or offer for sale of capital stock of the corporation will comply with the requirements of the New Hampshire Uniform Securities Act (RSA 421-B). The capital stock of the corporation: 1) has been registered or when offered will be registered under RSA 421-B; 2) is exempted or when offered will be exempted under RSA 421-B; 3) is or will be offered in a transaction exempted from registration under RSA 421-B; 4) is not a security under RSA 421-B; OR 5) is a federal covered securities under RSA 421-B. The statement above shall not by itself constitute a registration or a notice of exemption from registration of securities within the meaning of sections 448 and 461(i)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code and the regulation promulgated thereunder. American LegalNet, Inc.

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