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Records Search And Document Reproduction Request {SP50} |  | Wisconsin

Records Search And Document Reproduction Request {SP50}

This is a Wisconsin form that can be used for General within Secretary Of State.

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DO NOT STAPLE Sec. 182.01, Wis. Stats. State of Wisconsin DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Division of Corporate & Consumer Services RECORDS SEARCH or DOCUMENT REPRODUCTION ORDER CAUTION: The service fees for this program are non-refundable, so it is important to understand what information may be available. See specific remarks associated with each service or refer to the information on page 3. You may minimize the possibility of receiving incomplete information or a "no record" report by researching corporate information at before submitting your request. To search corporate information on-line, select "Search Business Records". NOTE: You can now place your order on-line and pay by credit card. Visit our website at, and select the link to Online Order System. Requestor First Name Street Address City State/Province Requestor Last Name Requestor Company Name PO Box Country Zip/Postal Code Phone Number Name of Entity for requested records (If no record is found, that fact will be reported.) EXPEDITED SERVICE: This is to request a copy of the following document or record: $ 25.00 each item Service Fee $ 5.00 Latest Annual Report (If no annual report has been filed, that fact will be reported. SPECIAL NOTE: There are no annual reports for Limited Partnerships or Limited Liability Partnerships) Other or additional Annual Reports for (Indicate the year or range of years) Articles of Incorporation (or other organizational instrument or registration statement, as amended or restated. The record will be supplied from the restated articles forward.) Other charter documents - Specify $ 5.00 each year $ 5.00 $ 5.00 each DFI/CORP/SP-50 (R01/15) American LegalNet, Inc. 1 An Identification Report will provide; the name of the entity; its form of organization; the name and address of its registered agent in Wisconsin; the state in which it is organized; its date of incorporation, organization or registration; whether it is current with the annual report filings; if dissolved or merged, a statement to that effect; the corporate record ID number assigned by this department; and the locator number for the mostrecently filed annual report, if any. This is to request a file search and issuance of an Identification Report or report of no record on a corporation, limited liability company, or other entity. Name of entity on which Report is requested: $ 10.00 Total Fees for Copies $______ Send requests to the address listed below along with the required service fees. Your request will not be processed unless the service fees are submitted. Make checks payable to the "Department of Financial Institutions". Physical Address: Mailing Address: Department of Financial Institutions State of WI-Dept. of Financial Institutions Phone: 608-261-7577 Division of Corporate & Consumer Box 93348 TTY: 711 Services Milwaukee WI 53293-0348 201 W. Washington Ave ­ Suite 300 Madison WI 53703 DELIVERY - Standard processing time is approximately ten working days, depending on volume. Expedited service requests are acted upon by the close of business the first business day following the date of receipt. The materials will be sent to the requestor via US Mail, unless other instructions are provided below. Check this box and provide a phone number if you wish to pick up the materials requested. Pick Up Phone Number: For optional Express/Courier delivery service at your expense, provide your carrier's name and your account number. Carriers Name Ship To Name Street Address City State/Province Country Zip/Postal Code Your Account Number Phone Number DFI/CORP/SP-50 (R01/15) American LegalNet, Inc. 2 Instructions DELIVERY - Standard processing time is approximately ten working days, depending on volume. Expedited service requests are acted upon by the close of business the first business day following the date of receipt. Reports and copy work will be sent to the requestor via US Mail in hardcopy form only unless other instructions were provided. The materials in this program are not available for FAX transmission due to marginal image quality. ANNUAL REPORTS and OFFICER / DIRECTOR INFORMATION ­ The annual report filed by a domestic corporation identifies its officers and directors, the number of capital shares it is authorized to issue, the number of shares issued, (but not its shareholders, except for service corporations), the address of its principal office, and a brief description of the general nature of its business. No information is reported concerning the financial condition of the corporation. A corporation may or may not have an annual report on file. NOTE: The department's records do not contain information concerning the officers, directors, members, managers or shareholders of limited partnerships or limited liability partnerships. No records are maintained for sole proprietors, general partnerships, banks, insurance companies, or businesses conducted under assumed names or DBA's. RESEARCH TOOLS ­ Use the department's on-line "Corporate Registration Information System" to search for and identify the entity on which you want information at,, click on "Search Business Records". CHARTER DOCUMENTS ­ Charter documents consist of the domestic entity's organizational instrument and subsequent articles of amendment, merger, conversion, dissolution, etc. No financial information appears in these documents, nor, generally, do they specify the type of business in which the entity is engaged. FOREIGN (OUT-OF-STATE) ENTITIES ­ A foreign entity may file an Application for Certificate of Authority with this department, as well as subsequent applications for amendment or withdrawal. Foreign corporations and foreign limited liability companies file an annual report. Contact the home state of the foreign entity for access to the entity's charter documents. NOTICE: This form may be used to submit a records search or document reproduction order. Information may be used for secondary purposes. DFI/CORP/SP-50 (R01/15) American LegalNet, Inc. 3

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