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Affidavit Regarding Mistaken Identity

This is a Ohio form that can be used for General within County (Court Of Common Pleas), Tuscarawas.

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To People Who Are Adversely Affected By A Lien Filed Against Someone Wit h A Similar Name: If you feel you have suffered as a result of a case of mistaken identity and are in need of assistance, we hope this letter will provide assistance in both understanding and remed ying your issue. When a, judgment lien is filed, whether it is by a private litigant or by a taxi ng authority, it is likely placed against real estate owned by the debtor and can even show up on their pe rsonal credit report. Liens are generally valid for five years; with the exception of state tax liens th at are valid for ten. These liens can: show up in your records, because they were filed against someone with th e same name or one similar to yours. Unfortunately, you have been affected by this unintended circumst ance. This consequence can result in adverse affects to your credit rating and may slow down or eve n halt the closing of a real estate: transaction, until the matter can be resolved. There are steps you can take to prove that the lien showing up in your r ecord is against a different: individual. In an attempt to assist those who have been adversely affect ed by the filing of judgment 1liens against a person with a similar name, the Clerk of Courts is provi ding the attached AFFIDAVIT REGARDING MISTAKEN IDENTITY . Fill out the Affidavit with as much distinguishing information as possible, in the lines provided, then have it notarized. In the case that a private litigant filed the lien(s), the Clerk of Co urts will file the Affidavit for record without charge. If the lien(s) have been filed by the State of Ohio, t he Ohio Attorney Generals Office will need to get involved. For whom to discuss specifically identified l iens, please contact: Marcia Macon-Bruce at (614) 466-8459 Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC)-Assistant Attorney General James Evans at (614) 466-8674 Department of Job and Family Services fka Bureau of Employment Services (OBES/ODJFS)-Assistant Attorney General Joseph Schwade *Paralegal Brian Jordan at (614) 995-4331, or mail the original Affidavit (making a copy for your records) to: Ohio Attorney Generals Office Collections Enforcement Section 150 East Gay Street, 21st Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215 Please make sure to direct it to the appropriate person. Once the inform ation is received and reviewed, the Ohio Attorney Generals Office will provide you with a Not ice, releasing you from any responsibility of the lien(s), which do not belong to you. You wil l then need to file it with the Clerk of Courts and/or mail a copy to the three major credit bureaus . The Affidavit form is being provided as a courtesy to assist anyone affe cted by this awkward issue. It is our understanding that most real estate title examiners and credit agenc ies will accept the Affidavit or Notice as sufficient evidence to clear your credit or title blemish. How ever, we cannot guarantee that additional information or paper work may be required. American LegalNet, Inc.<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 AFFIDAVIT REGARDING MISTAKEN IDENTITY [PLACE COPY OF DRIVERS LICENSE HERE] IN RE: DOCKET NO PAGE NO CASE/SERIAL NO CREDITOR: STATE OF OHIO : : ss COUNTY OF : NAME DATE OF BIRTH ADDRESS SOCIAL SECURITY # CITY/STATE/ZIP TELEPHONE # I, WHOS CURRENT/CORRECT INFORMATION IS LISTED ABOVE, HAVING BEEN FIRST DULY CAUTIONED AND SWORN AND UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY FOR PROVIDING ANY STATEMENT THAT I KNOW TO BE UNTRUE, DEPOSE AND STATE THAT I AM NOT THE SAME PERSON AS THE NAMED AS A DEFENDANT OR AS A JUDGMENT DEBTOR IN THE ABOVE-CAPTIONED CASE AND/OR JUDGMENT AS RECORDED IN THE OF FICE OF THE CLERK OF COURTS FOR COUNTY, OHIO. IN FURTHER SUPPORT OF THE FOREGOING I ALSO SWEAR AND CERTIFY THAT: I FURTHER DISAVOW ANY KNOWLEDGE OF OR RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ABOVE - CAP TIONED CASE AND/OR JUDGMENT. AND FURTHER AFFIANT SAITH NOT. SIGNATURE OF AFFIANT SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED IN MY PRESENCE ON THE DAY OF 20 NOTARY PUBLIC MY COMMISSION EXPIRES: American LegalNet, Inc.

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