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Writ Of Attachment-MBD

This is a Massachusetts form that can be used for District Court within Federal.

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTDISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTSFIRST EXECUTIONMBD NO. To the United States Marshal for the District of Massachusetts or either of hisDeputies and to , Special ProcessServer:WHEREAS hasrecovered judgment against in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts on the day of , for the sum of $ , debt or damage, pre-judgment interest in the amount of $ ,and costs of this suit in the amount of $ , as to us appears ofrecord, whereof this First Execution remains to be done,WE COMMAND YOU, therefore, that of the goods and chattels or lands of thesaid Judgment Debtor, to cause to be paid and satisfied unto the said JudgmentCreditor, at the value thereof in money, the aforesaid sums, being a total of$ , in the whole, with interest thereon at the rateof % from said day of rendition of said judgment; and thereof also to satisfy yourselffor your own fees.HEREOF FAIL NOT and make due return of this Writ with your doings thereoninto the Clerk's Office of our said court, at , Massachusetts, withinTwenty (20) years after the date of said judgment, or within Ten (10) days after this Writhas been satisfied or discharged.Dated this day of , .ROBERT M. FARRELLCLERK OF COURTSEALBy: Deputy Clerk American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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