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Default Judgment

This is a Massachusetts form that can be used for District Court within Federal.

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$ 13.99


UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS Plaintiff(s) v. CIVIL ACTI ON NO. Defendan t(s) DEFAULT JUDGMENT Defendan t havin g failed to plea d or oth erwis e defen d in thisactio n and it s defaul t having been ente red, Now, upon application of plainti ff and affidavi ts demonstrating that defendant owes plaintiff the sum of $ that de fendant is not an infa nt orincompetent person or in the mili tary servi ce of the United States, and that plainti ff has incurred costs in the sum of $ . It is hereby ORDE RED, ADJU DGED AND DEC REED th at plaintiff recover from de fendant the principal amo unt of $ , with c osts i n theamoun t of $ and prejudg ment interest at the rate of % from to in the amou nt of $ for a totaljudgmen t of $ with interest a s provided by law. By the Cou rt, Dated: Depu ty Clerk NOTE: The post judgment interest rate eff ective this dat e is %. (Default Judgment.wpd - 12/98) [dfltjgm.] American LegalNet, Inc.

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