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Criminal Appeal Docketing Statement | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Ohio

Criminal Appeal Docketing Statement

This is a Ohio form that can be used for 3rd Appellate District within Court Of Appeals.

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CRIMINAL APPEAL DOCKETING STATEMENT TRIAL NO. APPEAL NO. DATE OF JUDGMENT/ORDER APPEALED FROM DATE NOTICE OF APPEAL FILED DATE NOTICE OF CROSS APPEAL FILED IS THE JUDGMENT APPEALED FROM A FINAL ORDER? _______________ THIS APPEAL SHOULD BE ASSIGNED TO: The regular calendar The accelerated calendar for the reason checked: 1. No transcript required. 2. Transcript consists of fifty or fewer pages, or is of such length that its preparation time will not be a source of delay. 3. Agreed statement submitted in lieu of the record. 4. Record was made in an administrative hearing and was filed with the trial court. 5. All parties to the appeal agree to an assignment to the accelerated calendar. American LegalNet, Inc. ALTHOUGH THE APPEAL MEETS ONE OR MORE OF THE REASONS FOR ASSIGNMENT TO THE ACCELERATED CALENDAR, IT SHOULD NOT BE ASSIGNED TO THE ACCELERATED CALENDAR BECAUSE: 1. Brief in excess of 15 pages (see Loc. R. 7) is necessary to set forth adequately the facts and argue the issues in the case. 2. Appeal concerns unique issue of law which will be of substantial precedential value in the determination of similar cases. 3. Other: IDENTIFY THE PARTIES APPELLANT: Plaintiff ( ) or Defendant ( ) or Other ( )________________ __________________________________________________________________ Was counsel appointed in the trial court? _______ APPELLANT COUNSEL: Name_____________________________________ (or party if unrepresented) Address City/State Telephone APPELLEE COUNSEL: Name Address City/State Telephone Represents (Use separate sheet if necessary) 1. Nature of Criminal Charges 2. Trial Court Disposition American LegalNet, Inc. 3. If this matter has been before this court previously, identify the previous case by case number. 4. Identify by case style and case number any case pending before this court or any other court or administrative agency which arises from substantially the same case or controversy as this appeal. (Signature) (Date) American LegalNet, Inc.

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