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Annual Status Report {PC-2.8} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Rhode Island

Annual Status Report {PC-2.8}

This is a Rhode Island form that can be used for Guardian Conservator Custodian And Receiver within Statewide, Probate Court.

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DATE FILEDFORCOURT USE ONLY 1.The residence of the ward is:Name of WardCurrent Street AddressCity/TownStateZipCodePhoneNumber2.The medical condition of the ward is:3.I perceive the following changes in the decision-making capacity of the ward:4.The following is a summary of the actions I have taken and decisions I have made on behalf of the ward during the last year:You may provide additional attachments, if necessary.Name of GuardianSignatureof GuardianDateNotary:Name of NotaryStateCountyOn day of , 20, the above named Guardian Ad Litem, personally appeared and made oath to faithfully and impartially perform the duties of the foregoing appointment.Signature of Notary PublicDateCommission ID#Commission Expiration DateNotary Seal ANNUAL STATUS REPORTRIGL 33-15-26.1 & RIGL 33-15-47PC-2.8 (Rev. 07/17) State of Rhode Island and Providence PlantationsProbate CourtPage 1 of 1 STATE OF RHODE ISLANDCounty ofEstate ofAlias PROBATE COURT OF THECity or Town ofNo. SIGN HERE American LegalNet, Inc.

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