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Removal Petition {PC-1.7} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Rhode Island

Removal Petition {PC-1.7}

This is a Rhode Island form that can be used for Administration And Wills within Statewide, Probate Court.

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PC-1.7 (11/02, formerly SW-57) Removal Petition Date filed: _____________________ Court use only STATE OF RHODE ISLAND County of ___________________________________ Estate of ____________________________________ Alias _______________________________________ Alias _______________________________________ _________________________________________________ No. ____________________ ____________________ Date PROBATE COURT OF THE REMOVAL PETITION Respectfully represents your petitioner that: ____________________________________________________________ Name of Fiduciary who on: _____________________________________ duly qualified as fiduciary: Date (check one) [ ] has become incapable of executing said trust [ ] has neglected and refused to do the duties thereof [ ] has wasted said estate [ ] other reason: ____________________________ Wherefore your petitioner, being a party in interest requests that said fiduciary may be removed and that the following person(s) may be appointed to complete said trust: _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Name of Nominee Relationship to Deceased Name of Co-Nominee (if any) Relationship to Deceased _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ No. Street No. Street _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ City/Town State Zip Phone Number City/Town State Zip Phone Number Attach form PC--9.1, Waiver, if applicable. The undersigned petitioner makes affidavit and says that the above facts are true as to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. __________________________________________ Signature of petitioner __________________________________________ Date _____________________________________________ Sc. Subscribed and sworn to before me as to the truth of all of the above facts by the petitioner. __________________________________________ Notary public (please print name) __________________________________________ Notary public signature (continued on next page) American LegalNet, Inc. PC-1.7 (11/02, formerly SW-57) Page 2 DECREE Upon hearing, it is hereby ordered and decreed: It appearing that good and sufficient cause exists, _________________________________________________________________________ is forthwith removed and Name of Current Fiduciary ___________________________________________ of Name of Successor Fiduciary ___________________________________________ No. Street in And: (optional additional nominee) ___________________________________________ of Name of Nominee ___________________________________________ City/Town State Zip (Phone Number) ___________________________________________ No. Street in is/are appointed to succeed. Bond fixed at: $_____________________________ ___________________________________________ City/Town State Zip (Phone Number) [ ] With surety [ ] Without surety __________________________ (if with surety, indicate type) Entered as an order and decree of the court on: _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Date Probate Judge American LegalNet, Inc.

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