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Petition To File Will With No Assets {PC-1.3} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Rhode Island

Petition To File Will With No Assets {PC-1.3}

This is a Rhode Island form that can be used for Administration And Wills within Statewide, Probate Court.

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PC-1.3 (11/02) Petition to File Will with No Assets Date filed: _____________________ Court use only STATE OF RHODE ISLAND County of ___________________________________ PROBATE COURT OF THE Estate of ____________________________________ _________________________________________________ Alias _______________________________________ Alias _______________________________________ No. ____________________ ____________________ Date PETITION TO FILE WILL WITH NO ASSETS ________________________________________________________________________ ______________ Name of Petitioner Relationship to Deceased ________________________________________________________________________ ______________ No. Street ________________________________________________________________________ ______________ City/Town State Zip Phone Number I, being duly sworn, upon my oath depose and say: That I am: [ ] relative [ ] friend [ ] other _____________________ (check one) of the late: __________________________________ who died a resident of __________________________________ Name of Deceased Town of Residence on ____________________________________. Date of Death That upon his/her death, the deceased left a Last Will and Testament dated ____________________________ which is attached to this petition. That under Paragraph _____________ of said Last Will and Testament I am named Executor of the estate: that there were no assets which require Probate Administration under the terms of the late ________________________________________________________________________ __ Last Will and Testament. Na me of Deceased The funeral bill for deceased was paid in full on: __________________________________ Date of Payment Said will is presented to the Probate Court of the Town/City of __________________________________ for filing pursuant to the provisions of Title 33 o the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island.f Attach form PC9.1, Waiver, if applicable. The undersigned petitioner makes affidavit and says that the above facts are true as to the best of his/her knowledge f. and belie __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Signature of petitioner Date _____________________________________________ Sc. Subscribed and sworn to before me as to the truth of all of the above facts by the petitioner. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Notary public (please print nam e) Notary public signatur e

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