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Civil Case Disposition Report | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Mississippi

Civil Case Disposition Report

This is a Mississippi form that can be used for General Court within Statewide.

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CIVIL CASE DISPOSITION REPORT IN THE COUNTY COURT OF JUDICIAL DISTRICT, CITY OF Docket No. File Yr. COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI Chronological No. Clerk's Local ID Docket No. If Filed Prior to 1/1/94 Date of Filing of this action ¬ Month Day ¬ Year Yes Date of Disposition Month No, only the following Party(ies) ¬ Day ¬ Year Dispositive of all Parties? No, only the following Attorney(s) Name Bar No. Name Enter Ruling Judge Bar No. Action: Ruling on Motion Contempt/Modification Case Administration Jury Trial Damages Awarded: (List Amount or Range Letter): Range A = 1¢-$500 Range B = $501-1,000 Range C = $1,001-10,000 Range D = $10.001-50,000 Range F = $100,000-500,000 Range G = $500,000-1,000,000 Range H = $1,000,000+ Range 0 = -0Range E = $50,001-100,000 OR Bar No. Ruling Judge Name Ex Parte Settlement Conference Discovery other than Motion Mediation Ordered Temporary Hearing Pre-Trial Conference Bench Trial Compensatory: $ Punitive: $ Method of Disposition: Default Judgment Summary Judgment Dismissed without Prejudice Dismissed with Prejudice Dismissed, Lack of Prosec. Dismissed by Agreement Change of Venue Transferred Removed to Fed. Court Writ Issued Affirmed on Appeal Not Entered Yet Final Judgment/Decree Judgment by Stipulation Agreed Judgment Orig. Judgment Modified Vacating Previous Ruling New Trial Granted Foreign Judgment Closed Satisfaction of Judgment Drivers License Reins./Hard. Canceled Order of Mediation Other(list) Bankruptcy Discharged Estate Closed Fiduciary Appointed Guardian/Conservatorship Appointed Protective Order (Check if Domestic Violence Commitment Garnishment Issued Garnishment Abeyance Order Issued Garnishment Canceled: Bankruptcy Letters Rogatory Case Consolidation American LegalNet, Inc. ) W as Child Support ordered in the disposition of the current m atter? Yes No If "Yes" was checked, make sure that Child Support Information Sheet was completed and submitted with the Civil Case Filing Form.

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