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Rights Conditions And Warnings (DUI-Physical Control) {CrRLJ 03.0400} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Washington

Rights Conditions And Warnings (DUI-Physical Control) {CrRLJ 03.0400}

This is a Washington form that can be used for Misdemeanor Judgment And Sentencing within Statewide.

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RIGHTS, CONDITIONS AND WARNINGS (DUI/PHYSICAL CONTROL) 1. PUNCTUAL APPEARANCES. You must appear in court at any time requested by the court throughout the period of time you have been placed on a deferred sentence or suspended sentence. You must pay all fines, costs and assessments when due. You must appear at the date and time assigned by the court or jail ready to serve your commitment. 2. ADDRESS CHANGES. You must keep the court advised of all address changes. 3. PROBATION. If you are placed on probation, you must contact the probation office not earlier than 10 days and not later than 20 days after you are sentenced. You must keep the probation office advised of all address changes. Court: ________________________ Telephone Number: __________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________. If the court orders you to appear at a hearing regarding your compliance with probation and you fail to attend the hearing, your term of probation is tolled (the time does not count) until you appear on the record. 4. EMPLOYMENT AND NEW VIOLATIONS. You must keep the probation office informed of your employment status and any new violations of the law. 5. IGNITION INTERLOCK. Any device used must meet certification standards adopted by the Washington State Patrol and be installed by a vendor certified by the Washington State Patrol. 6. UA, BA. You must submit to a urinalysis or breath analysis upon request of your probation officer. 7. PROOF OF COMPLIANCE. In each instance where you are requested to file proof of a condition checked on the Judgment and Sentence, the proof must be in writing, signed by the person supervising the required program and written on the agency's letterhead. The proof of completion must be filed with the probation office. 8. RESTITUTION. Restitution must be paid as follows:_____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________. A check must include the case number. A restitution obligation may be enforced in the same way a civil judgment is enforced, including real property lien. A restitution obligation may be enforced up to 10 years following your release from confinement or from the date of Judgment and Sentence whichever is longer, and may be extended an additional 10 years if the court finds that you did not make a good faith attempt to pay. 9. FAILURE TO MEET CONDITIONS. Failure to meet any of the conditions checked off on the Judgment and Sentence or any of the conditions numbered 1 through 8 above, to appear as scheduled, and/or to pay financial obligations as scheduled may result in the filing of additional criminal charges, the issuance of a bench warrant for your immediate arrest, the revocation of your suspended sentence, the imposition of warrant costs, the suspension of your driver's license and the referral of your fines to a collection agency. If the suspended sentence is revoked because of failure to meet conditions, you are subject to the imposition of the maximum sentence and fine as permitted by law or such portion thereof as the court deems appropriate. This order shall remain in effect through the period of the suspended sentence until and unless changed by further order of the court. 10. APPEAL RIGHTS. You have the right to appeal the conviction pursuant to the Rules for Appeal (RALJ) or Criminal Rule 9.1 (CrRLJ). Unless a Notice of Appeal is filed in this court within 30 days after entry of the Judgment and Sentence or order appealed from, the right to appeal is waived. The Notice of Appeal must be served on all other parties. The court clerk will, if requested, supply a Notice of Appeal form. You have the right to an attorney on appeal. If you are unable to pay the costs, you have the right to have a lawyer appointed and portions of the trial record necessary for review prepared at public expense for an appeal. After a guilty plea, the right to appeal is limited. 11. COLLATERAL ATTACK. You may not file petitions or motions for collateral attack on a Judgment and Sentence more than one year after the judgment becomes final. "Collateral attack" means any form of post conviction relief other than direct appeal and includes, but is not limited to, petitions for personal restraint or habeas corpus, or motions to vacate judgment, withdraw a guilty plea, arrest judgment or for a new trial. Rights, Conditions and Warnings (DUI/PHYSICAL CONTROL) - Page 1 of 1 CrRLJ 03.0400 ­ (06/2016) American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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