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Citation To Discover Assets {9} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Illinois

Citation To Discover Assets {9}

This is a Illinois form that can be used for General within Local County, Kendall.

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE TWENTYTHIRD JUDICIALCIRCUIT KENDALL COUNTY, ILLINOIS GEN. NO. PLAINTIFF(S) DEFENDANTS CITATION TO DISCOVER ASSETS To: (Name, Address of Defendant or Respondent) YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to appear before the presiding Judge in Room of the Kendall County Courthouse located at 807 W John St., Yorkville, Illinois on 20 t to be examined under oath to discover assets or income not exempt from the enforcement of thejudgment. A judgment against (judgment debtor) was entered on , 20, and $ remains unsatisfied. YOU ARE COMMANDED to produce at the examination (bring with you) all books, papers, or records in your possession or over which you have control, which may contain information concerning the property or income of, or indebtedness due judgment debtor and; YOU ARE PROHIBITED from making or allowing any transfer or other disposition of. or interfering with, any property not exempt from execution or garnishment belonging to the judgment debtor or to which the judgment debtor maybe entitled or which may be acquired by or become due to the judgment debtor and from paying over or otherwise disposing of any money not so exempt, which is due or becomes due to the judgment debtor, until further order of court or termination of the proceedings. You are not required to withhold the payment of any money beyond double the amount of the balance due. WARNING: YOUR FAILURE TO APPEAR IN COURT AS HEREIN DIRECTED MAY CAUSE YOU TO BE ARRESTED AND BROUGHT BEFORE THE COURT TO ANSWER TO A CHARGE OF CONTEMPT OF COURT, WHICH MAY BE PUNISHABLE BY IMPRISONMENT IN THE COUNTY JAIL NOTE: ONLY ONE (1) SUPPLEMENTARY (CITATION) PROCEEDING MAY BE COMMENCED AGAINST A PARTY AND NO FURTHER PROCEEDINGS SHALL BE COMMENCED EXCEPT BY LEAVE OF COURT. CITATION PROCEEDINGS ARE VALID FOR A PERIOD NOT TO EXCEED SIX (6) MONTHS UNLESS EXTENDED BY THE COURT AS JUSTICE MAY REQUIRE. (SCR 277). CERTIFICATE OF ATTORNEY OR JUDGMENT CREDITOR Judgment Amount $ Balance Due $ Date of Judgment/Revival Name of Court Entering Judgment Case No. . The undersigned certifies, under penalties provided by law pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/ 1-109, chat the information contained herein is true and correct. Attorney I Judgment Creditor: Name WITNESS Address CLERK OF COURT Phone VS . American LegalNet, Inc.

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