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Final Judgment Of Injunction For Protection Against Sexual Violence After Notice {12.980(s)} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Florida

Final Judgment Of Injunction For Protection Against Sexual Violence After Notice {12.980(s)}

This is a Florida form that can be used for Domestic and Repeat Violence within Statewide, Family Law.

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR COUNTY, FLORIDA Case No.____________________: Division:____________________ _________________, Petitioner, and __________________, Respondent. FINAL JUDGMENT OF INJUNCTION FOR PROTECTION AGAINST SEXUAL VIOLENCE (AFTER NOTICE) The Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Sexual Violence under Section 784.046, Florida Statutes, and other papers filed in this Court have been reviewed. The Court has jurisdiction of the parties and the subject matter. The term Petitioner as used in this injunction includes the person on whose behalf this injunction is entered. It is intended that this protection order meet the requirements of 18 U.S.C. Section 2265 and therefore intended that it be accorded full faith and credit by the court of another state or Indian tribe and enforced as if it were the order of the enforcing state or of the Indian tribe. SECTION I. HEARING This cause came before the Court for a hearing to determine whether an Injunction for Protection Against Sexual Violence in this case should be: ( ) issued ( ) modified ( ) extended. The hearing was attended by ( ) Petitioner ( ) Respondent ( ) Petitioner's Counsel ( ) Respondent's Counsel SECTION II. FINDINGS On {date} _____________________, a notice of this hearing was served on Respondent together with a copy of Petitioner's petition to this Court and the temporary injunction, if issued. Service was within the time required by Florida law, and Respondent was afforded an opportunity to be heard. After hearing the testimony of each party present and of any witnesses, or upon consent of Respondent, the Court finds, based on the specific facts of this case, that Petitioner is a victim of sexual violence by Respondent and meets the requirements for an injunction established by law. Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.980(s), Final Judgment of Injunction for Protection Against Sexual Violence (After Notice)(06/12) American LegalNet, Inc. SECTION III. INJUNCTION AND TERMS This injunction shall be in full force and effect until ( ) further order of the Court or ( ) {date} __________________________. This injunction is valid and enforceable throughout all counties in the State of Florida. The terms of this injunction may not be changed by either party alone or by both parties together. Only the Court may modify the terms of this injunction. Either party may ask the Court to change or end this injunction. Willful violation of the terms of this injunction, such as refusing to vacate the dwelling which the parties share, going to Petitioner's residence, place of employment, school, or other place prohibited in this injunction, telephoning, contacting or communicating with Petitioner, if prohibited by this injunction, or committing an act of sexual violence against Petitioner constitutes a misdemeanor of the first degree punishable by up to one year in jail, as provided by Sections 775.082 and 775.083, Florida Statutes. Any party violating this injunction shall be subject to civil or indirect criminal contempt proceedings, including the imposition of a fine or imprisonment, and also may be charged with a crime punishable by a fine, jail, or both, as provided by Florida Statutes. ORDERED and ADJUDGED: 1. Violence Prohibited. Respondent shall not commit, or cause any other person to commit, any acts of violence against Petitioner, including assault, aggravated assault, battery, aggravated battery, sexual assault, sexual battery, stalking, aggravated stalking, kidnapping, or false imprisonment, or any criminal offense resulting in physical injury or death. Respondent shall not commit any other violation of the injunction through an intentional unlawful threat, word or act to do violence to the Petitioner. No Contact. Respondent shall have no contact with Petitioner unless otherwise provided in this section. a. Unless otherwise provided herein, Respondent shall have no contact with Petitioner. Respondent shall not directly or indirectly contact Petitioner in person, by mail, e-mail, fax, telephone, through another person, or in any other manner. Further, Respondent shall not contact or have any third party contact anyone connected with Petitioner's employment or school to inquire about Petitioner or to send any messages to Petitioner. Unless otherwise provided herein, Respondent shall not go to, in, or within 500 feet of: Petitioner's current residence {list address} ________________________________________________________________or any residence to which Petitioner may move; Petitioner's current or any subsequent place of employment {list address of current employment}________________________________ or place where Petitioner attends school {list address of school} _____________________ _______________________________________; or the following other places (if requested by Petitioner) where Petitioner or Petitioner's minor child(ren) go often: ______________________________________________________________________________ Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.980(s), Final Judgment of Injunction for Protection Against Sexual Violence (After Notice)(06/12) 2. American LegalNet, Inc. ______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ . [Initial if applies; write N/A if not applicable] b.____ Respondent may not knowingly come within 100 feet of Petitioner's automobile at any time. c. ____Other provisions regarding contact:___________________________________________ 3. Firearms. [Initial all that apply; write N/A if does not apply] a. ____Respondent shall not use or possess a firearm or ammunition. b. ____Respondent shall surrender any firearms and ammunition in the Respondent's possession to the ____________________ County Sheriff's Department. c. ____Other directives relating to firearms and ammunition: ____________________________ 4. Mailing Address. Respondent shall notify the Clerk of the Court of any change in his or her mailing address within 10 days of the change. All further papers (excluding pleadings requiring personal service) shall be served by mail to Respondent's last known address. Such service by mail shall be complete upon mailing. Rule 12.080, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure; Section 784.046, Florida Statutes. Additional order(s) necessary to protect Petitioner from sexual violence: _______

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