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Request For Show Cause Order For Contempt {DC-CV-33} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Maryland

Request For Show Cause Order For Contempt {DC-CV-33}

This is a Maryland form that can be used for Civil within Statewide, District Court.

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DC-CV-033 (Rev. 12/2018)Plaintiff/Judgment CreditorAddressCity, State, ZipDefendant/Judgment DebtorAddressCity, State, Zipvs.Located at Case No. DISTRICT COURT OF MARYLAND FORCourt AddressCity/CountyCountyCERTIFICATE OF SERVICEas shown above. A copy of this Request/Petition for Contempt and this order shall be served on the person named aboveon or before .Upon consideration of the plaintiff's request, it is ORDERED:SHOW CAUSE ORDER FOR CONTEMPT appear in person before this court onat to show cause why this court should not find him/her in contempt for refusing or failing to respondJudge ID NumberDateNameTimeDate I certify that I served a copy of this Request for Show Cause Order for Contempt upon the following party orparties by mailing first-class mail, postage prepaid hand delivery on to:DateNameNameDateAddressAddressSignature of Party ServingDateNOTICEIf you fail to appear, an order may be issued resulting in your arrest and you may be found in contempt of court.Please read the important information on the reverse side of this form.Serve by SheriffClerk to mail by Restricted Delivery MailReturn to plaintiff to serveREQUEST FOR SHOW CAUSE ORDER FOR CONTEMPT(Md. Rule 15-206)OriginalRenewalDateSignature of Plaintiff/Attorney/Attorney CodePrinted NameTelephone NumberAddressFaxE-mailThe plaintiff alleges has failed to: obey this court's order compelling answers to interrogatories in Aid of Execution entered on . appear in court for examination in the Aid of Enforcement of Judgment on as ordered by this court and properly served on . otherThe Plaintiff requests the court: 1. Require the person named above to appear in court and show cause why an order for contempt should not be passed; 2. (Check if jail is also requested) Send the person named above to jail until the court's order is obeyed. Please read important notice on reverse side of this form.NameDateDateDateCPF ID No. American LegalNet, Inc. NOTICE TO ALLEGED CONTEMNORTo the person alleged to be in contempt of court and for whom a request for jail has been made: 1. It is alleged that you have disobeyed a court order, are in contempt of court, and should go to jail until you obey the court's order. 2. You have the right to have a lawyer. If you already have a lawyer, you should consult the lawyer at once. If you do not have a lawyer, please note: (a) A lawyer can be helpful to you by: (1) explaining the allegations against you; (2) helping you determine and present any defense to those allegations; (3) explaining to you the possible outcomes; and (4) helping you at the hearing. (b) Even if you do not plan to contest that you are in contempt of court, a lawyer can be helpful. (c) If you want a lawyer but do not have the money to hire one, the Public Defender may provide a lawyer for you. 225 To find out if the Public Defender will provide a lawyer for you, you must contact the Public Defender after any prehearing conference and at least 10 business days before the date of a hearing before a judge. 225 If no prehearing conference is scheduled, you should contact the Public Defender as soon as possible, at least 10 business days before the date of the hearing before the judge. 225 The court clerk will tell you how to contact the Public Defender. (d) If you want a lawyer but you cannot get one and the Public Defender will not provide one for you, contact the court clerk as soon as possible. (e) DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DATE OF YOUR COURT HEARING TO GET A LAWYER. If you do not have a lawyer before the court hearing date, the judge may find that you have waived your right to a lawyer, and the hearing may be held with you unrepresented by a lawyer. 3. IF YOU DO NOT APPEAR FOR A SCHEDULED PREHEARING CONFERENCE OR COURT HEARING BEFORE THE JUDGE, YOU WILL BE SUBJECT TO ARREST.To request a foreign language interpreter or a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act,please contact the court immediately. Possession and use of cell phones and other electronic devices may be limited orprohibited in designated areas of the court facility.NOTICE TO ALL PARTIES American LegalNet, Inc.

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