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Complaint For Replevin | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Florida

Complaint For Replevin

This is a Florida form that can be used for Summary Claims within Local County, Marion.

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IN THE COUNTY COURT, IN AND FOR MARION COUNTY, FLORIDA Plaintiff(s) vs. Case Number Defendant(s) ____________________________________/ COMPLAINT FOR REPLEVIN Plaintiff, _____________________________, sues Defendant, __________________________________, andalleges: 1. This is an action to recover personal property in Marion County, Florida.2. The description of the property is (list property):_____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________. To thebest of Plaintiffs knowledge, information and belief, the value of the property is: $_____________________________.3. Plaintiff is (complete the appropriate letter or modify paragraph if the right to possession arose in another manner): a. The owner of the above described property having acquired title by (purchase, gift,etc.)_______________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________, or b. Entitled to the possession of the property under a security agreement dated _________________, 20____ a copy of the agreement being attached, or c. Entitled to the possession of the property because (give reason for right ofpossession):________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________4. To Plaintiffs best knowledge, information and belief, the property is located at: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. 5. The property is wrongfully detained by Defendant. The Defendant came into possession of the property by (describe how theDefendant came into possession of said property): ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________. To Plaintiffs best knowledge, information and belief, Defendant detains this property because (give reasons): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________. 6. The property has not been taken for any tax, assessment or fine, pursuant to law.7. The property has not been taken under an execution or attachment against Plaintiffs property. WHEREFORE, Plaintiff demands judgment for possession of the property or damages for its wrongful detention and/orvalue. STATE OF FLORIDA COUNTY OF MARION The undersigned, being first duly sworn, says that: he/she is the agent for the above-named Plaintiff; that the foregoingis a just and true statement of the amount owing by the above-named Defendant to said Plaintiff, exclusive of all set-offs and justgrounds of defense; and, that this suit is brought in good faith and with no intention to annoy said Defendant._____________________________________________ <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 Plaintiff______________________________________________ Telephone Number SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED before me, on _____________________, 20____, by ________________________,who is personally know to me / who presented ___________________________as proof of identification. DAVID R. ELLSPERMANN Clerk of the Circuit Court, Marion County, Florida_____________________________________ OR By_________________________________________Notary Public, State of Florida Deputy Clerk

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