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This is a Florida form that can be used for Small Claims within Local County, Alachua.

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IN THE COUNTY COURT, EIGHTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR ALACHUA COUNTY, FLORIDA PLAINTIFF Case Number: Address Division: City, State Zip Code Phone -vs- DEFENDANT DEFENDANT Address Address City, State Zip Code City, S tate Zip Code Phone Phone STIPULATION Plaintiff and Defendant hereby stipulate and agree that: (1) The sum of $ principal, $ interest, $ attorneys fees, $ court costs for a total of $ is due and owing to the Plaintiff from the Defendant in this case and will be paid by the Defendant as follows: $ per month week bi-weekly semi-monthly beginning OR The total to be (date) paid in full on or before . (date) Interest will accrue at the rate of % per annum. (2) Plaintiff will not seek a Final Judgment so long as payments are made as provided. (3) Upon the filing herein of an Affidavit of Amount Due by the Plaintiff that the payments have not been made at the time and in the amounts agreed to, Final Judgment may be entered against the Defendant without notice for the amount left owing to the Plaintiff; or, if this suit is for other than money damages, for the relief sued for in the claim. DATED this day of , . DEFENDANT PLAINTIFF Stipulation.doc

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