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Petition For Writ Of Sequestration | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Louisiana

Petition For Writ Of Sequestration

This is a Louisiana form that can be used for Civil within Local Parish, East Baton Rouge, City Court.

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________________________________________ SUIT NO. ______________________ Plaintiff BATON ROUGE CITY COURT VS. CITY OF BATON ROUGE ________________________________________ STATE OF LOUISIANA Defendant PETITION FOR WRIT OF SEQUESTRATION The Petition of ____________________________________________, Plaintiff, who resides at (Street address) ________________________________ (City, State, Zip) __________________________________, who being duly sworn says: That one__________________________________________________, Defendant, a resident of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, is justly and truly indebted unto him/her in the sum of Dollars ($_________) for the following, to-wit: Plaintiff has a lessors privilege to secure its claimr rent due on all of the m fo ovables in the premises. All movables on which Plaintiff has a privilege are in the possession of Defendant, and it is within his/her power to, and Plaintiff has good reason to believe that he/she/they will conceal, dispose of, or remove these movables from the Parish. To protect Plaintiffs rights, it is necessary that a sequestration issue, without bond, directing the Constable or Sheriff to seize all movables affected by Plaintiffs privilege and to hold them subject to further order of the Court. WHEREFORE, Petitioner prays for the issuance of the Writ of Sequestration, without bond and according to the law, directing the Constable/Sheriff to seize and to hold, subject to further order of the Court, all movables in the premises owned by the Defendant, and those movables belonging to third persons located therein by consent, express or implied, for Judgment in accordance with his/her allegations and for all costs of these proceedings, maintaining the Writ of Sequestration and recognizing Petitioners Lessors Privilege on the property sequesterd, that the seized property be sold, and thate fromthe proceeds thereof, Plaintiffs claim with interest and costs of these proceedings to be paid by preference and priority. (Plaintiffs Signat) ure____________________________________________ SERVE DEFENDANT AT: (Print Plaintffis Name) __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ (Street Address) _____________________________________________________________ __ _____________________________________________ (City, State, Zip) __________________________________________________________ _____________________________________ (Telephone No.) PROPERTY TO BE SEIZED (IF VEHICLE): ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Civil Petition for Writ of Sequestration (05-13-03)

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