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Defendants Answer

This is a Louisiana form that can be used for Civil within Local Parish, East Baton Rouge, City Court.

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***ALL INFORMATION (BLANKS) MUST BE TYPED OR PRINTED. BATON ROUGE CITY COURT SMALL CLAIMS DIVISION 233 St. Louis St. P. O. Box 3438 Baton Rouge, LA 70821 (225) 389-3017 * * * DEFENDANT'S ANSWER * * * R.S. 13:5200 et seq. SUIT NUMBER: ______________________________ PLAINTIFF VERSUS DEFENDANT (By signing this petition, I verify that I have read and understand the Court's publication: "How to Use the Small Claims Division.") FULL NAME OF PARTY BEING SUED NAME OF OWNER IF SUING A COMPANY FULL NAME OF SUING PARTY STREET ADDRESS OF DEFENDANT DAYTIME PHONE CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE DAYTIME PHONE STREET ADDRESS OF PLAINTIFF OTHER ADDRESS FOR DEFENDANT CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE THIS FORM MAY BE USED TO NOTIFY THE SMALL CLAIMS COURT WHETHER OR NOT YOU INTEND TO CONTEST THE PLAINTIFF'S CLAIM. CHECK THE STATEMENT BELOW THAT APPLIES. I am requesting that this matter be heard by: _____ _____ _____ 1. I do not owe the Plaintiff any part of what he/she claims; or (Check One) Arbitrator Judge 2. I owe the Plaintiff only part of what he/she claims; or 3. I owe the Plaintiff what he/she claims, and waive any further appearance and/or delays and consent to judgment against me in the amount sought. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ FILL IN THIS SECTION COMPLETELY DATE: __________________________ PHONE NUMBER: ________________ SIGNATURE: ADDRESS: __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ I HEREBY CERTIFY that the above and foregoing Answer has been served upon the opposing party by mailing a copy, first class postage pre-paid, addressed to: _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ On this ___________ day of ____________________________, 20______. _____________________________________________________________ Signed *** NOTICE TO ALL PARTIES: During the pendency of this lawsuit, the Court will contact you at the address and phone number you have indicated. If either address or phone number should change, please notify the Court immediately. PLEASE SERVE PLAINTIFF: ____________________________________________ At: _________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Civil ­ Defendant's Answer (08-15-08) American LegalNet, Inc.

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