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Application For Withdrawal Of Foreign Corporation {CF0025} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Arizona

Application For Withdrawal Of Foreign Corporation {CF0025}

This is a Arizona form that can be used for Corporation within Secretary Of State.

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ARIZONA CORPORATION COMMISSION INSTRUCTIONS FOREIGN BUSINESS/NON-PROFIT CORPORATION APPLICATION FOR WITHDRAWAL A.R.S. 10-1520 & 10-115201. The Application must be executed and state the name of each person who signs it and the capacity in which each person signs. The document may be executed by either the Chairman of the Board of Directors, President or another authorized officer or if the corporation is in the hands of a receiver, trustee or other court appointed fiduciary, by that fiduciary. 2. Pursuant to ARS 10-1520.D & 10-11520.D, the application for withdrawal is not considered complete until all fees, penalties and costs required to be paid under this chapter have been paid. Please make sure there are no outstanding annual reports, prior to completing the dissolution. You can contact annual reports at (602) 542-3285.3. Deliver the completed original Application and one (1) or more exact copies to the Commission accompanied by the $25.00 (U.S.) filing fee with check made payable to the Arizona Corporation Commission. Expedited filing service is available for an additional $35.00 fee. Fees pursuant to A.R.S. 10-122.A.16 and 10-3122.A.16. 4. The withdrawal will not be considered complete until the Commission has received an affidavit evidencing that a copy of the Application for Withdrawal has been published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county of the known place of business in Arizona for three (3) consecutive publications. A list of acceptable newspapers in each county will accompany the approval letter and is posted on the Commission web site at The withdrawal will not be considered complete until the Commission has received a notice from the Arizona Department of Revenue to the effect that the tax levied under Title 42, chapter 8, article 1 against the corporation has been paid or until it is notified by the Department of Revenue that the applicant is not subject to the tax and further has received from the Department of Revenue its certificate issued pursuant to 43-1151. The certificate must be requested in writing by a corporate officer. A power of attorney form is required if the request is made by anyone other than a corporate officer. Provide your corporate identification number, your employer identification number, and your sales ax license number or the type of business whicht exempts you from sales tax. The department will respond directly to you within thirty days from your written request. SEND YOUR REQUESTS TO: ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE For Certificate of Compliance SPECIAL COLLECTION SECTION 1600 WEST MONROE PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85007NOTE: DO NOT use this form if dissolving by INCORPORATORS or INITIAL DIRECTORS. (Pursuant to A.R.S. 10-1401 & 10-11401.) For further information, please contact the Corporate Filings Section at (602) 542-3135 in Phoenix or theTucson office at (520) 628-6560 (Toll Free, AZ Residents only - 800 345-5819.)CF:0025 Foreign Rev 05/2004 1300 WEST WASHINGTON, PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85007-2996 / 400 WEST CONGRESS STREET, TUCSON, ARIZONA 85701-1347<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 APPLICATION FOR WITHDRAWAL OF FOREIGN CORPORATION ________________________________________________ A _____________________________ Corporation [state, province or country] 1. The name of the foreign corporation is _________________________________________. It is incorporated under the laws of _____________________________________. [state, province or country]2. The foreign corporation is not transacting business/conducting affairs in this state and does hereby surrender its authority to do so in this state. 3. The foreign corporation does hereby revoke the authority of its statutory agent to accept process on its behalf and does hereby appoint the Arizona Corporation Commission as its agent for service of process in any proceeding based on a cause of action arising during the time it was authorized to transact business/conduct affairs in this state. 4. Upon receipt of any process served upon it on behalf of the foreign corporation, the Arizona Corporation Commission is requested to mail a copy to: ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________5. The foreign corporation will notify the Arizona Corporation Commission in the future of any change in the mailing address of the foreign corporation. This application will not be complete until the Arizona Corporation Commission has received fromthe department of revenue a notice that all transaction privilege taxes have been paid or are not dueand a certificate from the department of revenue that all income tax returns have been filed and taxespaid. DATED this ____ day of ____________________, _____. ______________________________________ [Name of Corporation] By______________________________________ ______________________________________ CF: 0025 FOREIGN [name] [title] Rev: 11/02 -2-

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