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Order Data Form Support {FD-FOC4002} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Order Data Form Support {FD-FOC4002}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Friend Of The Court within Local County, Wayne, Circuit Court.

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ABOUT THE NEW AND REQUIRED ORDER DATA FORM-SUPPORT Friend of the Court, with the support of the Family Law Bench, has developed a data form, now called ORDER DATA FORM-SUPPORT (ODF-S), (formerly known as Fast Track Form) to assist the FOC in the task of loading the provisions of a support order into the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System. (MiCSES) It is now two pages. A completed ODF-S must be attached to the FOC copy of any domestic relations order. The old Fast Track form you have used was developed before and during the transition to the Michigan Child Support Enforcement System and is now obsolete. Here are some features of the new form, as well as some practical considerations that should be noted when an order is being prepared for entry. First, please note that it is the responsibility of the party submitting the order to the court for signature to enter all the relevant details of the new order into the ODF-S [ORDER DETAILS). The FOC worker will rely upon that information when loading the order and will not consult the attached order, nor any other previously entered order(s). Second, the information required on page one, "ORDER DETAILS", of the ODF-S should be garnered only from the order attached. If the order results in a change in a certain element of the account, you check the relevant boxes and complete the relevant text areas. If the order does not impact a certain element of the account, then you do not check those boxes and no change would be noted on MiCSES for that aspect of the account. For example: the order modifies child support but not childcare. You would check the relevant boxes and enter the ordered amounts and dates into the text fields in the child support section. You would not check any of the childcare boxes. The worker will load the new child support, with its commencement date, and leave the childcare portion of the account as is. For example: an order might provide for a certain cycle for one period of time, then a different amount for a subsequent period of time [for example, $10/wk from 04-01-02 to 05-31-02, then $40/wk from 06-01-02 until further order of the court]. You will prepare a "1 of 2" ODF-S (ORDER DETAILS) sheet for the 04-01-02 to 05-31-02 period and a "2 of 2" ODF-S (ORDER DETAILS) sheet for the 06-01-02 until further order of the court period of time. Only one copy of page 2, ODF-S (DEMOGRAPHICS) would need to be attached. The only time an arrearage amount would be entered would be when the order, by its specific terms, sets a specific amount of arrearage for a date certain. Again, the first page of the form (ORDER DETAILS) should contain the specifics of only the attached order. The second page, DEMOGRAPHICS is also attached to the new order being submitted for entry. FOC will check and correct/update the account for any changes or errors. The information required is standard information you obtain from your clients. Your clients and the other parties information should be on the verified statement initially and updated in your client file as you interact with your client and opposing counsel. Family Independence Agency account #s, childrens dates of birth and social security numbers, etc. are known to your clients and should be in your client files. MiCSES has an automated Income Withholding Notice feature. The worker, as a part of the order loading activity that day, reviews the Demographics page and updates the employer, if necessary. Upon entry into MiCSES of a new support order, the system generates an Income Withholding Notice (IWN) that night, in batch, to the active employer. If the order specifies a certain $ amount to be wage deducted, that amount is loaded into MiCSES and the IWN is generated in that amount. If the order does not specify a certain amount to be withheld, the system calculates the guideline amount and the IWN is generated in that amount. I believe that, especially if you download the template version of this form from the Website, you will find that it is very straightforward and quick to complete. The boxes and text areas, which are impacted by the order, are checked and filled and the balance of the choices are left blank. <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF MICHIGAN FAMILY DIVISION FRIEND OF THE COURT ORDER DATA FORM-SUPPORT FOR SUBMISSION OF DOMESTIC RELATIONS ORDER FOR ENTRY INTO Michigan Child Support Enforcement System (MiCSES) BY FOC NON-EX PARTE ORDERS : 1. Complete legibly and attach this form to the Friend of the Court (FOC) True Copy of the Order. 2. Please note that the FOC worker will not review the order. If required fields are not completed (noted by asterisk *), the Order Data Form and the Order will be returned to you. 3. Do not submit Orders with non-specific dates, such as orders that start support as of the date of sale of the marital home. 4. If an order provides for different support amounts for different periods of time, complete an Order Data Form for each period. Label each with 1 of n, , n of n, in the upper right corner. 5. The Judges Circuit Court Clerk will forward the FOC copy of the Order, with attached Order Data Form, to FOC for entry into the MiCSES System. EX PARTE ORDERS : 1. Attach the Proof of Service if the Order is an Ex Parte Order. (The Order will not be entered into the MiCSES System unless the Proof of Service is attached.) 2. Ex Parte Orders, with completed Order Data Form and Proof of Service, should be faxed or mailed to: Order Entry Department Attorney Window rd nd 3 Floor, Penobscot Building 2 Floor, Penobscot Building 645 Griswold or delivered to: 645 Griswold Detroit, Michigan 48226 Detroit, Michigan 48226 FAX: (313) 237-9290 FAX: (313) 237-9290 THE ORDER DATA FORM IS AVAILABL E FOR DOWNLOAD TO YOUR COMPUTER OR FOR PRINTING ON THE COURT WEBSITE AT http://3rdcc.org OR FAX LIBRARY: (313) 967-3662 Rev. 11/06/02 <<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3PAGE 1 OF 2 FOR PERIOD ___ OF ___ ORDER DETAILS STATE OF MICHIGAN ORDER DATA FORM-SUPPORT (PLACE LABEL HERE) COUNTY OF WAYNE Re: SUBMISSION FOR LOADING THIRD JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COURT ATTACHED SUPPORT ORDER INTO FAMILY DIVISION CASE #: MiCSES ON FOC COMPUTER SYSTEM ________________ THE ORDER WAS ENTERED ON: ________________ ___________________ (DATE ON ORDER STAMPED BY JUDGES CLERK) JUDGE *INDICATES REQUIRED INFORMATION CHECK ONLY THE BOXES WHICH APPLY TO PROVISIONS IN THE SUBMITTED ORDER * PLAINTIFF NAME: * DEFENDANT NAME: *THIS ORDER IS: EX PARTE (PROOF OF

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