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Judgment {DC 85}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Small Claims within Statewide.

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Plaintiff222s name and address JUDGMENTFor: en-US en-US en-USAgainst: en-US en-US en-US en-USAfter trial en-US Consent* en-US Nonappearance default** en-US en-USDISMISSAL en-US Without prejudice en-US With prejudiceen-US**For a defendant on active military duty, defaulten-USjudgment shall not be entered except as provideden-USby the Servicemembers Civil Relief act.en-US en-US en-USven-US en-US en-USPersonal serviceen-USDefendant222s name and addressen-US en-US Personal service Damages þ $ en-US Costs þ $ en-US Other (specify) þ $ en-US þ $ en-US Judgment þ $ en-US en-US en-USThis judgment will earn interest at current statutory rates.en-USIT IS ORDEREDen-US this judgment is granted and: þ 1. þ The defendant must pay the judgment to en-USName (type or print) in þ en-US full þ en-US installments of $ en-US þ weekly þ biweekly þ en-US monthly starting en-USDate þ until paid in full. No further proceedings to collect the judgment will issue as long as defendant(s) complies with this order. 2. þ If this judgment is not paid within 30 days from the date of this judgment, or if any installment payment plan is not approved þ by the court within this time, you must pay the judgment in full or disclose to the court and plaintiff, in writing, your place of þ employment and the location of your accounts in all banks, savings and loan associations, or credit unions. þ 3. þ Other: en-USDate þ en-USJudge/Attorney magistrate Bar no.en-USAn attorney magistrate222s judgment after trial is final unless appealed within 7 days.en-USNOTICE:en-US If this judgment is not paid as ordered or within 21 days, you may be ordered into court for questioning regarding your assets, youren-USproperty may be seized, or garnishment may issue after 21 days. When judgment is paid in full, the plaintiff should file a signed satisfaction en-USof judgment with the clerk, or the defendant may file a motion for entry of an order of satisfaction.en-USI certify that on this date I served a copy of this judgment and the instructions, 223Collecting Money for Small Claims Judgment224en-US(form DCI-84), or dismissal on the parties by first-class mail addressed to their last-known addresses as defined by en-USMCR 2.107(C)(3).en-US en-USDate þ en-USDeputy clerken-US*Approved:en-US en-USDateen-US en-USDefendant222s signatureen-US en-USDateen-US en-USPlaintiff222s signatureen-USCERTIFICATE OF MAILING American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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