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Order Regarding Driver License Restoration {CC 268} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Order Regarding Driver License Restoration {CC 268}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Motor Vehicle Offenses within Statewide.

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Original - Court 1st copy - Secretary of State 2nd copy - Petitioner Approved, SCAO 3rd copy - Attorney general/Prosecutor STATE OF MICHIGAN CASE NO. JUDICIAL CIRCUIT ORDER REGARDING DRIVER LICENSE RESTORATION COUNTY Court address Court telephone no.Petitioner name, address, and telephone no. Respondent SECRETARY OF STATE v OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN Driver License Appeal Division PO Box 30196 Driver license no. Date of birth Lansing, Michigan 48909-7696 Petitioners attorney, bar no., address, and telephone no. Respondents attorney, bar no., address, and telephone no.Date of hearing: Judge: Bar no.1. On Date petitioner filed a petition for review of the Date a.(for arrests after 10/1/99) application denial for medical reasons. [MCL 257.303(1)(g)] driver assessment suspension, restriction (not a revocation). [MCL 257.310d, MCL 257.320] first implied consent suspension. [MCL 257.625f] mandatory additional suspension for driving while license suspended (not a revocation). [MCL 257.904(10) or (11)] b.(for arrests from 1/1/92 through 9/30/99) licensing action: IT IS ORDERED: 2. The Secretary of State shall restore to petitioner an operators license with full privileges. 3. The Secretary of State shall issue restricted driving privilege as follows: a. Petitioner may drive to and from residence and place of employment and in the course of employment, to substance abuse treatment program and/or support group meetings, to regularly scheduled treatment for serious medical condition, to court probation office and community service and educational institution. Petitioner must carry proof of destination and hours. b. If there is any evidence of drinking in the use of a motor vehicle, or if there is a violation of this order during the period that this order is in effect, police shall confiscate the operators license and return it to the court. A hearing will be held if requested by the petitioner within 14 days from the date the license is confiscated. c. Provided the petitioner abides by the conditions of this order, the restricted driver license shall terminate on AND on that date the petitioner shall appear before the court for further examination and review. OR the court relinquishes jurisdiction to the Secretary of State. OR on that date the Secretary of State shall restore full driving privileges. 4. The petitioners appeal for licensing privilege is denied. 5. Any relief granted in this order is effective only for an action listed in item 1above. 6. Other: This order shall be void and without effect if a certified copy of this order is not served on the Secretary of State, Driver License Appeal Division, PO Box 30196, Lansing, Michigan 48909-7696 within 7 days of the date this order is signed. Date Judge Approved as to form: Assistant attorney general/Assistant prosecuting attorney See other side for additional information CC 268 (6/03) ORDER REGARDING DRIVER LICENSE RESTORATION MCL 257.323, MCL 257.323a-c<<<<<<<<<********>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2NOTE: Any relief granted in either of the above orders does not overrule any restriction, denial, suspension, or revocation whichwas imposed under: administrative denial for any arrest for drunk driving after January 1, 1992 - see MCL 257.323(6) [MCL 257.303(1)(d), (e), (f)(i), or (f)(ii), and MCL 257.303(2)(c), (d), (e), or (f)] trial court sentence for drunk driving or under 21 blood alcohol content - see MCL 257.323(5)(a) [MCL 257.625 or 257.626b] CDL [see MCL 257.323(8)] [MCL 257.312f, MCL 257.319a, or MCL 257.319b] failure to appear in court or failure to comply with judgment - see MCL 257.323(5) [MCL 257.321a] unsatisfied judgment - see MCL 257.323(7) [MCL 257.512] trial court sentence for a drug conviction - see MCL 257.323(5)(b) and(9) [MCL 257.303(1)(n) and MCL 257.319e]

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