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Order For Vehicle Impoundment {MC 254} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Michigan

Order For Vehicle Impoundment {MC 254}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Motor Vehicle Offenses within Statewide.

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Original - Court 1st copy - Driver/Owner 2nd copy - Police officer Approved, SCAO 3rd copy - Storage custodian STATE OF MICHIGAN CASE NO. JUDICIAL DISTRICT ORDER FOR VEHICLE IMPOUNDMENT JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Court address Court telephone no. Defendants name and address The State of Michigan THE PEOPLE OF v DLN DOB 1. Within 30 days after conviction for possessing or transporting liquor in a motor vehicle by a minor, a sworn complaint from a police officer requesting impoundment of the vehicle described below has been filed. (Impoundment at a public/private garage is at owners expense and risk for not less than 15 nor more than 30 days.) 2. The defendant has been convicted of driving on a suspended/revoked or denied license. (Impoundment is with owners implied consent, at owners expense and risk for not more than 120 days.) 3. The described vehicle is alleged or found to be overweight. (Vehicle must be moved by and at expense and risk of owner/driver to a place of safekeeping until the load is made legal and: a) fines and costs are paid; b) a bond is posted, double the amount of fine and costs; or c) the court is satisfied the fine and costs will be paid.) ORDER Vehicle description: Year: Place of storage: Make: Model: Body style: Color: License plate number: Vehicle identification number: IT IS ORDERED: 4. Any police officer in the State of Michigan shall impound and deliver the described vehicle to the place of storage to be held for days unless otherwise ordered by the court. 5. The driver/owner shall move the described vehicle in compliance with item 3. Amount of fines and costs are $ Amount of bond is $ The described vehicle is ordered released upon compliance with item 3. Date Judge/Magistrate Bar no. MCL 257.624b; MSA 9.2324(2), MCL 257.724; MSA 9.2424,MC 254 (6/99) ORDER FOR VEHICLE IMPOUNDMENT MCL 257.904(1); MSA 9.2604(1)

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