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Order For Vehicle Immobilization {MC 267} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Michigan

Order For Vehicle Immobilization {MC 267}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Motor Vehicle Offenses within Statewide.

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þ The State of Michigan THE PEOPLE OF þ en-US en-USven-USDefendant222s name, address, and telephone no.en-USDLNen-USDOB 1. þ The defendant was convicted on en-USDateen-US for þ þ violating section 625(1), (3), (7), or (8) of the Michigan vehicle code or a substantially corresponding local ordinance. þ þ violating section 625(4) or (5) of the Michigan vehicle code. þ þ violating section 626(3) or (4) of the Michigan vehicle code. þ þ driving in violation of a suspension/revocation with at least two or more prior violations of a suspension or revocation. 2. þ The violation occurred while the defendant was driving a vehicle identified as: þ Year: en-US en-US Make: en-US en-US License plate no.: en-US en-US VIN: en-US en-USIT IS ORDERED: 3. þ The defendant shall have: þ þ a. þ himself/herself and the vehicle immobilized through tether technology. þ þ b. þ the above described vehicle immobilized by use of any available means that locks the ignition, wheels, or steering þ of the vehicle or otherwise prevents the defendant from operating the vehicle. 4. þ Unless otherwise ordered, sale of the vehicle to a non-family member, with proof of sale to the court, satisfies the þ immobilization requirement. 5. þ This order shall be satisfied at the expense and risk of the owner, co-owner, lessee, or co-lessee for en-USdays þ starting en-USDateen-US unless otherwise ordered by the court. þ If the vehicle is not immobilized by the above start date, the vehicle is subject to impoundment by any law enforcement officer þ in the state until further order of the court. þ 6. þ Other: en-USDate þ en-USJudge/Magistrate Bar no.en-USNOTE:en-US It is a 93 day misdemeanor to tamper with, remove, or bypass a device that has been installed on a vehicle by court order en-USfor vehicle immobilization or to purchase, lease, or otherwise obtain a motor vehicle during a period of vehicle immobilization.en-USI certify that on en-USDateen-US , I immobilized the above described vehicle by use of the following means: en-USDate þ en-USSignature þ en-USBusiness name Telephone no. en-USName (type or print) þ en-USCity, state, zipen-USORDER en-USCERTIFICATION OF IMMOBILIZATION American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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